Emergency services up and running again

So Much Drama in the EOC

Firefighters, sheriff's deputies and EMTs are back on the streets in South Lee County. From South Trail south to the county line and Fort Myers Beach, the emergency service responders will first run the calls queued up during the storm.
Then they will beging the arduous task of initial damage assessments. They will feed back the information to the Lee EOC. Based on these assessments officials will decide whether or not to open food and water distribution centers throughout the county. Those centers could open tomorrow morning and mostly depend on which neighborhoods are without power, said chief planner Gerald Campbell.

Now that responders are back in the field, the EOC is abuzz with activity. After eight hours of handwringing, emergency officials can now get back to doing their jobs.
It was a tense night that ended up with the relief that the worst didn't hit the county. At the same time, workers are now waiting to see how they can help Lee residents and their neighbors too the south in Collier.
After Hurricane Katrina, emergency officials are under intense scrutiny from the public to provide quality services, quickly and efficiently. Lee officials believe they are in a good spot to do just that.

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