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johnnewell writes:

It would be great if the NDN daily crossword could be printed out. Other papers to which we subscribe allow this function.

bonnielynn writes:

I agree with johnnewell!

spartans1 writes:

I agree. Please allow the puzzles to be printed.

Guillermo writes:

Print or die!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

us2byung writes:

would be great if they were also a little more challenging I typically finish one in less than 5 minutes oh well

Smark writes:

Can I brag about how fast I can finish one too? My self-importance needs to be propped up now and again.

crawling writes:

cool thanks for these puzzles.
You can find lots of crossword and other fill in at

hafely writes:

For what it's worth on the crossword puzzle continuing flap:
Formerly, I never bothered with the daily puzzle, since I considered it to be so much of 'fill in the blanks'. Now, I look forward to it, especially late in the week when it's really a challenge. Please don't knuckle under to those of your readers who just want something easy. There are some of us out there who appreciate exercising our minds.

cfgw1022 writes:

The new crossword on April 20th has promise. The LA crossword goes from ridiculously easy to hard but not fun.

CASpurgeon writes:

I like having two crossword puzzles. The Commuter Crossword is pleasant to work. The LA Daily is fun until you get near the weekend. There are terms I am totally unfamiliar with. This may be due to my age group. As long as we have two choices, I'm o.k.

divasal writes:

I prefer the LA Times puzzle. But both are okay. I read an article in another newspaper that said to stimulate the brain you should do a puzzle that you can not finish. Therefore,I guess, my brain is not stimulated enough.

geebeegirl writes:

I find the new puzzle, edited by Rich Norris and Joyce Nichols, way too difficult for the average crossword worker. All my friends at a local restaurant agree with me - our comments are always about how it is way too hard to finish in the time we allot for doing crosswords! The one on the front of the D enclosure is way too easy! Wish you could find a happy medium here. Elaine Hamilton

clwilson writes:

Please allow us to print the puzzles!

stephenwriter writes:

C'mon guys,reduce your ecological foot"print" and stay green, buy a paper and recycle it.

tiseye writes:

I agree that you should have format to print out puzzles, especially the LA. Times Sunday puzzle. I read your paper when I am not in town over the summer and would enjoy continuing to be able to at least do the Sunday puzzle by printing it off.

ReginaF6501 writes:

I also do the crossword every day online; I would love to be able to print it out. How about it?

stgforss writes:

Get printable puzzles from USA Today, Boston Globe and Boston Herald

dcrist writes:

Why isn't the online puzzle the same as the printed puzzle in the paper?

ExRxist writes:

Being a snowbird, I would like to have the crossword printed out completely. I love to work the puzzle at my kitchen table not on the computer. Please print the whole puzzle for us snowbirds.

tiseye writes:

you can also get printable puzzles from Cape Cod News, Indianapolis Star

amuser writes:

What happened Sunday 10/24/11? The NY Times puzzle had the clues for a different puzzle? Yikes! I do the puzzles in the paper, but is it true one cannot print these crosswords out? Yikes!

midgee1998#243942 writes:

I love the crytoquotes and I am mad that the NDN doesn't have one in Sunday's paper??? Why???? Also put them and the other puzzles on this website and let us print them off so we can enjoy everyday. Some of us can't afford the paper, or only get the weekend editions. Come on Share with us.

raenadutton writes:

I would like to see the printable Commuter Crossword and Jumble appear in this section. The Neapolitan section of the paper was missing in this morning's delivery and I feel my whole day will be messed up!! Please Help!!

WeThePeople2016 writes:

in response to us2byung:

would be great if they were also a little more challenging I typically finish one in less than 5 minutes oh well

Both of them???

bkopplin writes:

I love your easy puzzle!! Look forward to working it everyday. When I'm in Naples, can't wait for the paper to come to do the commuter puzzle - Keep printing both puzzles

leslievincent3284#257922 writes:

PLEASE can we print these out! My mother-in-law is sooo disappointed when she comes to stay with us that she can't do her crossword puzzles! I miss them too. Please allow soon! She cannot work a computer...I can still do them. But, sometimes you'd like to print and save for another time!

lorax writes:

(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

JudithGenaway writes:

I want the Word Jumble too! Love doing it daily.

mcgraths writes:

If you're not going to let us print the crossword, then deliver the Sunday paper on time. It's 10am, and my husband is having crossword withdrawal fits.

kelse0725#277916 writes:

Can anyone tell me how to get the solution to the 10/18 puzzle? Thanks

titonura72844 writes:

in response to mcgraths:

If you're not going to let us print the crossword, then deliver the Sunday paper on time. It's 10am, and my husband is having crossword withdrawal fits.

How spoil is this people ,"my husband is having withdrawal fit? are you kidding me ? he cut the grass, wash the car, do something positive or something else while the paper arrives!

gandy1lynn#280517 writes:

your web site is as complicated and inefficient
as the federal insurance program. it took me 2 phone calls just to get my paper delivered. the puzzle section is poor since you can't print without being sent to other annoying web sites.

count_0_Interupt writes:

As in all other matters, the NDN does not listen or react to readers, just the thousands of advertizers. Forget about printing a puzzle, or getting the LA times puzzle.
That is but one of the reasons we dropped all but the Sunday paper. Glad we did. If more would drop maybe things would change? Nah.

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