Collier deputy fired for having sex with inmate

A 26-year-old correctional officer with the Collier County Sheriff’s Office who admitted to receiving oral sex from an inmate was fired in June after an internal investigation into his behavior.

Around 1 a.m. on April 13, Deputy Wayne Lawson was supervising three female inmates when he and one of the inmates entered the men’s locker room to pick up trash. Inside the locker room, the inmate, whose name isn’t being released due to the sexual nature of the case, performed oral sex on Lawson.

Both Lawson and the female inmate admitted to the sexual encounter, but disagree about who initiated the act.

The incident came to light on April 16, when the inmate reported it to authorities, the Sheriff’s Office said.

In an polygraph interview April 17, Lawson initially told investigators the three inmates were engaged in horseplay and were making improper comments. One of the inmates, he said, asked if she could perform oral sex on him because it had been awhile since she’d “been with somebody.”

Lawson initially told the investigator that at one point the inmate had attempted to grab his genitals, but denied that she had performed a sex act on him. The polygraph revealed that Lawson was being deceptive during the interview.

In a follow-up interview the next day, Lawson admitted to receiving oral sex from the inmate. Lawson said the inmate asked him what would happen if she performed oral sex on him. He said he didn’t respond, the investigation revealed.

That’s when the inmate approached him, Lawson said.

“I did not step back. I didn’t say anything,” Lawson said. “She unzipped my pants and started performing oral sex. Uh, approximately, not even two, three seconds. I stepped back and said, ‘We can’t do this,’ and I had her ... or, we left.”

Lawson said the inmate had made suggestive comments earlier in the night, the investigation revealed.

“Uh, she did make several statements about, you know, um, I’m really good, uh, I know how to please men,” Lawson told an investigator.

The inmate said it was Lawson who was making suggestive comments and who initiated the sex act. Lawson, she said, had mentioned to the three inmates that there were no cameras in the locker room, and made a sexually suggestive remarks.

The inmate told investigators that after she entered the locker room with Lawson, she went to get the garbage and he pulled down his pants.

“I didn’t know what to do,” the inmate told investigators. “I was freaked out, ‘cause I couldn’t believe it was happening.”

Lawson and the inmate were in the locker room for less than two minutes, and left after they heard a door close in a nearby break room.

Lawson was arrested on April 18, and charged with sexual misconduct with an inmate, a third-degree felony. Sheriff’s Office records show that in mid-June Lawson was fired for immoral, unlawful or improper conduct and committing a felony involving moral turpitude.

Lawson, who had been employed as a correctional officer since 2004 and earned $43,060 a year, declined an appeal.

Under Florida law, records of the internal investigation just recently were made public after the time for an appeal expired.

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Comments » 12

HappyGoLucky writes:

People in a "power" position think they can get away with anything.

TooMuchGovernment writes:

This Sheriff has the problem. Those polygraph operators he relies on so well hired the guy and then they got him fired. All great stories end where they begin, don't they... Hunter needs to throw those machines out the window and put those tattle tale types that operate the machine back out on the streets to remember what it's like to need the trust of the fellow officer to get back up. Hunter needs to learn how to hire the "person"

This is a leadership issue plain and simple. How many of these have we had in the last year alone? All the CCSO damage control hit-man bloggers hear this;


This Sheriff just keeps doing what he has always done and expects a different result... Maybe he doesn't want a different result? When you're perfect like Hunter, everyone else is the problem...

Since Hunter can't protect the public from his Deputies, then the public needs to intervene at the next election...

tootsie writes:

Maybe they need to give a yearly class to all law enforcement officers... on "How TO Keep It in Their Pants"... ?

Whatever happened to "Family Values"?

The officer's story sounds like pure fanasty from a B movie. What woman in jail... offers to give a winkie job without getting something in return... like a get out jail free card?

Naplestango writes:

"Collier deputy fired for having sex with inmate"
Having sex??? ...Not according to Bill Clinton!

will1313 writes:

Victor Ortino looks pretty good right now!

Sheriff Ortino does have a certain positive
ring to it!

PHATFROG writes:

It's no wonder young people are screwed up. Where are the roll models? When I was young, our clergy, teachers, police officers, and parents were looked up to. Stories like this one are abundant in the news every day! It's very sad.

floridacracker writes:

He already proved he is a lier, first he said...
"denied that she had performed a sex act on him" then he said she did, we dont need people like that as an officer. Wouldnt want him out on the street working. Whos knows what could happen.

Chenzo writes:

Oh give the guy a break will ya,,,,big deal,,,,so he got a little on the job,,,so what,,,its good for morale,,,whether its a cop or the president, we're men, its in our blood, we can't help it, get used to it or get over it.

SandnSurf writes:

LOL, CapeCodder.

GeorgeGlass writes:

Talk about doing hard time..

tootsie writes:

Well... if they give a polygraph to these officers... then what is the question asked covering this issue?

Is the poly question, "Did you ever have illegal sex"?

I think there will always be some idiot with the common sense of a squash... trying to take advantage of the "system". Unfortunately, this one is a career breaker.

I like Sheriff Hunter... in that he seems to be doing a good job most of the time. How much you want to bet he is installing Chastity belts on every man / woman employee in the jail?

It makes the sheriff look bad when something like this happens under his roof... but it will happen in every type of industry when you throw men and woman together. A jail is no exception to the rule.

rrsnook writes:

wow, this story is old and incorrect,ndn did not mention that all charges were dropped a couple of months ago.

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