Naples garage construction will wait for hawks to fledge

The birds may be here to stay.

But Naples officials are hoping two Cooper’s hawks nesting downtown will tire of city life soon.

Naples City Manager Bill Moss told council on Wednesday that intrusive construction on the new parking garage at Eight Street South and Sixth Avenue South would be stopped until at least June 9.

That does not mean, however, that the city will hold off on compression tests until that date.

Moss said these tests are not intrusive, and will most likely not disturb the birds.

The tests involve placing 260 tons on recently poured concrete to compress it while it sets.

Council on Monday criticized Moss for his decision to move forward with construction on the site, even though Mike Bauer, the city’s natural resource manager, recommended all work be stopped until the birds fledge.

Last week, contractors drilled holes and poured concrete into them for test pilings. No work can be done for 30 days, or until the concrete is dry, and Moss said at the time he expected work on the site to stop until the eggs hatch.

The birds are protected by the federal Migratory Bird Treaty Act, and Moss has said he had a “high level of confidence” that the work wouldn’t cause the pair of Cooper’s hawks to abandon the nest.

If the birds abandon the nest, the city could be in violation of the federal act, which carries a maximum penalty of a $5,000 fine and one year in jail.

Once the upcoming compression test is complete, the next step would be to prepare the site for construction. That means contractors will need to cut down the trees and scrape the lot before they can build the garage.

Moss said he was concerned that construction work would disturb the nest, and felt it was best to hold off until the birds have fledged. City staff estimated that will happen around June 9, but Moss said no work will be done until the hawks have left the nest.

Deferring site preparation means the project is not expected to be completed until Jan. 26.

Council members had hoped the work would be completed before the height of season next year.

Construction Management Director Ron Wallace assured council on Wednesday that the garage would be done on time. Kraft Construction, the company hired to build the garage, has completed the past three garages on time.

The four-story parking garage at Eighth Street South and Sixth Avenue South is expected to cost about $8.6 million.

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Comments » 19

firefly16 writes:

Good, Im glad to see it.

sowestfla1975 writes:

Gee Moss thinks taking the trees out might cause the birds a problem. The guy is a genius isn't he. I hope the City Council now understands the only way to handle this package from Marco is, as a group, tell the guy what he is suppose to do.

Also the cost sounds a little on the high side with the price of concrete dropping back to 2004 price levels. What's up with that Council?

lswjth2 writes:

I'm sure that if i were to drive my atv by there, the birds would die and then they could continue with the garage.......What a double standard in this town......

CutthroatConservative writes:

I'll go get rid of these birds for free..kind of like a vigilante for Naple.

thebiblesays writes:

I agree that we are taking conservation too seriously but it is a symptom of the time we live in and was already predicted. "Therefore God also gave them up to uncleanness, in the lusts of their hearts, to dishonor their bodies among themselves, who exchanged the truth of God for the lie, and worshiped and served the creature rather than the Creator, who is blessed forever. Amen." (Romans 1:24-25) Cutthroat, you need to remember that "You shall not take the name of the Lord your God in vain, for the Lord will not hold him guiltless who takes His name in vain." (Exodus 20:7)

rybread5520 writes:

You are all fools saying its "just for a few birdies". You people think that your s----- garage is soo precious that its more important then conservation. Do you not realize that its a FEDERAL LAW for a reason!?!? C'mon, you learn it in grade school for gods sake! The food chain is suffering because idiots like you cant stop building crap that isnt needed! Eventually it will have its affect on mankind as well. The bird is going EXTINCT! If thats not a big deal to you, get off the Earth! Everyday more and more species are going extinct because of our greediness and we need to try and save whats left. Eventually it will come back around to have a negative effect on us, but I guess you dont care about your future generations do you? No, you need a place to park your 5 cars!!!

Why do you think the birds are there in the first place?!?! NOT BECAUSE THEY LIKE THE VIEW!! NO - we have forced them out of their land by all the s----- condos and shopping centers we've put up alreay and they have no place else to go. The small amounts of natural land that are left is not enough for all the wildlife that must live in it! This place is SUPPOSED to be "paradise" but pretty soon all it's going to be is a concrete hell! What makes it a paradise is all of the natural beauty we are surrounded by... NOT the blasted shopping centers or condos!!! You can go anywhere in the country for that crap!!


lswjth2 writes:

Gee, i remember a time in history where it was "FEDERAL LAW" that only white males could vote, did that make it right? We have gone to extremes with all this BS....

CutthroatConservative writes:

Biblesays - Please don't accuse me of taking the Lord's Name in I have not done that for at least seven years.

Rybread - Talk about "absurd!" I wish I lived back in the day when there was no such thing as an "environmentalist!" That was when America was great. "When the chrome was thick and the women were straight."

These birds are being awfully selfish aren't they? They're quite narcissistic..much like environmentalists. These birds have the liberty to fly wherever they want, yet they chose to perch up there and torment us Neapolitans. Build your nest elsewhere, evil birds!

rybread5520 writes:

wow, THATS quite a stretch of a comparison!

rybread5520 writes:

WOW cutthroatconservative....
You are CRAZY calling these birds SELFISH!!!
Its the rich jerks in Naples being selfish that need thier s----- garage!

LIKE I SAID BEFORE... They are only there because there no place else for them to go!!

WOW, you are quite delusional....

stgforss writes:

Before the baseball season started in Fenway park Boston there were a pair of hawks nesting near the Green Monster. All was fine until one of the hawks attacked a girl on a guided tour of the facility. Guess what! They are no longer nesting there. Removed as they should have been.
We had a pair of dumb morning doves trying to build a nest under the car port near the front entrance of our home. They were quite persistant. They really don't like hornet spray.

rybread5520 writes:

Naples2008 - you really need to grow up and get a life. Since when does it mean you are gay if you care about things other then yourself? Everyone should care about this world, its what you live on! You have no valid argument for what you say, and you just sound like an idiot!

And as far as the jesus loving weirdo goes, you are a hypocrite. You say that you love god, then you should respect the creatures that he supposedly created as well.

sowestfla1975 writes:

My God did this discussion get a little carried away today. And I am someone that is passionate about most everything.

What is a couple of weeks to let the baby birds come into this world, and then build the garage becasuse it's needed to keep our local economy humming along. And if our local economy isn't good, then we all end up paying for that.

We are not the east coast nor will we ever be. So embrace what we have, stop complaining about we what are, and chill out.

rybread5520 writes:

How long has it been since a parking garage was built anyway? We have been FINE without one up until now. Pretty soon 5th ave is going to be overcrowded too. What will you be womaning about then????? Should we extend 5th avenue into the ocean? Bringing someones sexual status into this is ridiculous. I am straight as an arrow, but I would do more for the animals than for my fellow man. They dont know any better. You do. Make some right decisions for the future of this world. Are any of you procreating? I am afraid to because of people like you saying screw the birds or any other animals.

I want the future to be just as bright for my kids as it is now or was even way before my time. You people make me sick.

rybread5520 writes:

I have lived here since 1988 before alot of you I am sure!!!!!!!!!!! This place was so much more like paradise back then, if you were around then you cant dispue that. This place is a disgrace these days. The almighty dollar is what rules. Thats not the way the our economy is supposed to work. I've lived here since it was affordable for all walks of life. But not now. All the blasted snowbirds and you rich f****. Find out what life is all about. Your family, surroundings, etc. Obviously you dont even care about your own kids' future.

sowestfla1975 writes:

Rybread give us all a huge break will ya. Been here since late 60's, as many of my friends have, so save you're been here since 1988 song. Had a couple of kids and they now live, work and enjoy our great little town.

Progress is requred for any community to stay alive, and Collier county and Naples are no exception. The birds will be fine and we all will have more parking places come next year. With growth and progress there just might be a place for your kids to work and prosper, even if their parents had a little trouble in that area.

You see nature and people can exist together.

If you can't understand that no problem, that is the beauty of I 75 being so close..

rybread5520 writes:

If you look up the definition of the word progress, it does not say to spread out further and use up more and more resources every day. That is quite backwards.

Progress would more better be described as learning to live with what you have and become less and less dependant on material things.

By 2020 we will have used up almost all of the worlds natural resources if we keep "progressing", as you would put it, at the same rate we are now. That is an indisputable fact. And although the US only contains 5% of the worlds people, we use more then 25% of the worlds resources. People in places like Naples and Marco live more frivolously then anyone else in the world. Lets see what "progress" we will be able to make when we dont have the help of our cells phones, cars and billion dollar houses.

Yes, I agree that we can live in harmony with nature. But that means rethinking what you consider necessities. And people like you seem to be stuck in one way of thinking.

rybread5520 writes:

Oh and sowestfla1975, I dont have nay trouble working and prospering, if that was what you were implying earlier. But you are blind if you can honestly say that no one around here is having trouble. Open your blasted eyes. And the fact that you've been here since the 60's, you should know even better what I am talking about.

rybread5520 writes:

People arent struggling are they?

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