Improper conduct allegations leads to retirement of Collier Sheriff’s Office veteran

Chris Freeman

Chris Freeman

A nearly 22-year veteran of the Collier County Sheriff’s Office, who Sheriff Don Hunter once described as "a diamond in the rough," retired abruptly in late May amid anonymous allegations of misconduct both on and off the job.

But Chris Freeman, who was a captain working in the Collier County jail, said the allegations against him are untrue and are being made by a few of his former subordinates who didn’t like his management style.

"I don’t want to deal with it anymore," Freeman said Friday when reached at home. "I’ve discussed this with my wife over the last six months. I almost retired six months ago."

The fracas began in April, when Hunter received two anonymous letters alleging unethical and unprofessional behavior by Freeman. The letters included allegations of sexual harassment and controlling subordinates through fear and intimidation.

Some of the allegations involved Freeman’s senior subordinates, who were interviewed as part of the review.

In a prepared statement, the Sheriff’s Office reported that "in the initial assessment, none of the allegations were unequivocally substantiated, and alternative explanations were offered in some instances."

In addition, where some of the senior subordinates were portrayed in the letters as "recipients of the potentially improper conduct, none of these subordinates affirmed the conduct," the Sheriff’s Office reported.

None wanted to make a formal complaint against Freeman, the Sheriff’s Office reported. The Sheriff’s Office did conduct a formal interview with one of the senior subordinates mentioned in a letter.

In e-mails to Capt. Albert Beatty and Hunter, Chief Jim Williams wrote that one of the subordinates denied having a "relationship" with Freeman, but did confirm "elements of the allegations."

While meeting with Hunter in May, Freeman characterized the statements against him as explainable, and said his recollections were different from those offered in the letters and in the formal statement.

"At that time the captain asked if he could submit his resignation," Williams wrote. "He wished to avoid further embarrassment to himself, his family, his subordinate and the agency. ... The sheriff accepted his resignation."

In a May 23 memo to Hunter, Freeman wrote that he was honored to have served alongside the many professional men and women within the agency, and would treasure the many emotions he experienced during his career.

"I have chosen to retire for personal reasons and look forward to pursuing other opportunities before me," Freeman wrote.

On the day he retired, Freeman, normally a gregarious person, seemed "deflated," Hunter said.

Joe Bastys has taken over Freeman’s responsibilities as an acting captain in the jail, Hunter said.

A May 27 hand-written note on Freeman’s retirement memo indicates that Hunter waived a two-week notice requirement. Also, in a May 27 memo to the agency, Hunter indicated that Freeman cited "health concerns" as a reason for his retirement.

In an interview Friday, Hunter said he understood there were a number of rumors circulating regarding Freeman. As it is now, the agency has a one-sided story, Hunter said.

"We have no way of compelling a response," he said. "We have one side of a story with holes in it."

The Sheriff’s Office does not have an open investigation into the allegations, Hunter said.

"Had we opened one, it would have been mooted by the resignation," Hunter said. "The worst thing that could have happened ... would have been removal of Chris Freeman from the agency. What you have is an outcome expedited by resignation."

Hunter said there don’t appear to be any allegations of criminal activity in Florida, though one of the letters alleges improper behavior that occurred in another country.

When reached at his East Naples home on Friday afternoon, Freeman called the allegations made in the letters "completely false." After more than two decades of service to the county and the country, Freeman said he earned the right to retire.

Of about 350 people who worked with him in the jail system, Freeman said "a couple of them didn’t like the way I did things."

"I would have been cleared of everything," said Freeman, who was wearing shorts and a Naples High School T-shirt. "I would not have lost my job."

Both Thom Carr, interim chief of the Marco Island Police Department, and Tom Weschler, integrity control manager of the Naples Police and Fire Department, confirmed Friday that Freeman has inquired about employment with their agencies.

Freeman said his name has been dragged through the mud because of the allegations. He said he would prefer to pursue civilian opportunities, and has already had offers.

"I’m not worried about feeding the family," Freeman said. "I’m not worried about my livelihood."

When Freeman retired, he earned $120,411 a year, the Sheriff’s Office reported. Because he retired in good standing, Freeman will get the retirement benefits he earned over his career, Hunter said.

Freeman started with the Sheriff’s Office on July 7, 1986, as a corrections recruit before moving to the road as a patrol officer, then as a plainclothes deputy. He later worked in the Sheriff’s Office’s gang unit, was promoted to sergeant in 2001 and appointed to lead SHOCAP — serious or habitual offender comprehensive action program — which deals with juvenile offenders.

In 2003, Freeman was named captain of jails, overseeing the jails in East Naples and Immokalee.

"He’s a free thinker, creative and organized," Hunter said of Freeman in 2003. "He has an ability to inspire and motivate people."

Most recently, Freeman was a leader of the Sheriff’s Office’s Criminal Alien Task Force program, a partnership with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement that allows trained deputies to act as immigration agents.

However, there was a blip in Freeman’s rise through the ranks.

Freeman was disciplined in 1999 after he was found to be the organizer of a bachelor party for another deputy at the Hibiscus Country Club in East Naples. The party included three women who danced nude, and performed lap dances for those in attendance, including other deputies.

The deputies hired the women for $450 and charged $20 at the door. Because they charged for admission, there were questions about whether the deputies had actually operated a nude dance club, which they did not have a permit for.

In addition, the deputies were found to have violated the Sheriff’s Office’s code of conduct, stating that deputies must maintain high standards of morals and ethics.

Freeman was removed from the gang unit, given a formal letter of reprimand, six months’ probation and five days’ suspension without pay. The suspension was later revoked.

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Comments » 70

doodlebug (Inactive) writes:

What can I say, we all have feet of clay.

upnorth writes:

I guess once he goes to another department he becomes a new man? I hope the local departments don't take on the burden.

CaptKidd writes:

I'm sure he did his resignation so he could take his pension.

W_Coyote writes:

Oh, brother. This guy is allowed to resign, before any official investigation into the misconduct. Other members alleged to have committed some misconduct, like the 18 year veteran who said he did not like his job were investigated in a wonderfully witch hunt fashion.

Makes one wonder just what the sheriff is covering up and how embarassing the whole mess would have been to him, to his chosen heir to the throne Kevin Rambosk and to the agency.

This guy is just the tip of the iceberg. It's past time to get rid of this regime and Rambosk is part of that regime.

Ortino for sheriff.

longtimecitizen writes:

Freeman should have been dismissed by the sheriffs department years ago. That Hunter promoted him to such a high level is among the greatest errors in judgement ever committed by him and his administration. With any luck this guy will not be the last -- the "tribe" as they are called all need to go.

From drunken tirades at local bars to drunken tirades on local golf courses to a dictatorial, hypocritical, law-defying, in-your-face, bullying style of management, Hunter was either woefully ignorant of Freeman's character or willingly declined to address the many problems in the agency that Freeman was responsible for creating. Its about time this happened, but an investigation should have been made, and Freeman should not have been permitted to leave, in good standing, taking all of his financial and career benefits with him. Even when finally confronted with the truth about this guy, Hunter caves in permits another personnel and agency travesty.

If you want some interesting reading about this guy and the sheriffs department go to our sheriffs department is in a quagmire and Rambosk is NOT the man to save it.

swfl_ff writes:

I agree that Rambosk is not the best choice to lead the Sheriff's Office. The problem is that no one with his qualifications has stepped up to run.

Rambosk is a classic look good/feel good politician. He has all the right paper work to make himself look good on paper. He is not capable of running an agency as big and as complex as CCSO and is totally incapable of making hard decisions when needed.

This agency needs a good cleaning out of trouble children and has for a number of years. This is not ment to cast anything negative on the many good people who make up CCSO, but it's time to make some changes on how the agency is managed. Rambosk will not provide that needed change.

But it looks like Rambosk has been anointed as the "chosen one" by the power structure so I have no doubt that he will be in charge come November.

My choice for Sheriff as of right now is none of the above.

WilliamL_Larry_Rogers writes:


beetlejuice writes:

Rambosk has my least for now.

He has vision.

He has experience.

Maybe he works for an agency that is in trouble morally right now.

However, I feel that he is the best man for the job as compared to Ortino.

Check out the websites of both candidates.

The information is there. It speaks volumes.

Rambosk wants changes, he just can't do anything until he is voted in.

Plain and simple.

Floridian writes:

Sounds to me like Ortino just got a new prospect for employment at his agency. After all, his agency is made up of a lot of ex-ccso employees that were fired or resigned.

intellectuallarceny writes:

Guess all that 'we need to thank Capt. Freeman for all his years of service' line in Hunters email to the agency last week just backfired. Way to get the agency to congratulate someone you had major suspicions about...Nice Judgement Sheriff...NDN why don't you get a copy of that email, it should be public record...

And to think Hunter busted him from Sgt, all those years ago, what was it 97, 98, 99? for the bachelor party? Then all was forgiven.

If you were ever trying to confirm that rank has its privelege, then you just did it.

bullhalsey writes:

The Sheriff is a joke and hypocrite. He lets this clown run rampant for years, and eventually promotes him to command staff level. His behavior has persistently gotten worse since his promotion, and the Sheriff has turned a blind eye. Now that there are verifiable sexual harassment issues, fatal character flaws he lets him "resign" in good standing. There Sheriff needs to complete an investigation, and release the findings into public record. To do less than this is a disservice to the public he allegedly serves. The command staff is arrogant and elitist, and they believe they can make up the rules as they see fit. Nauseating!

gcflycatcher writes:

Juice, you are right, Rambosk is the only viable candidate. It’s funny that the desperate Ortino people on this blog blame everything on Rambosk. Truth is that Hunter is the only one making decisions and Rambosk will make his changes when he has the office. They also claim the majority of the agency supports Ortino. Now that’s funny! There is a handful at best. Don’t breathe the smoke the VO’s are blowing.

NavyVet writes:

Who's responsible for trying to hide the negative headlines of the County Gov't. & CCSO's misfits? NDN didn't report on the DUI a CCSO Deputy received from FWP early Monday morning. It also didn't report on the MedFlight helo pilot Mark Holmes who is to be terminated for allegedly flying the scenic route over the Naples Canoe Race on the way to pickup a patient at NCH!!!

Links below!

Toesmom writes:

My how this article has changed since first posted. Spun to make Hunter & Freeman look good. What a crock. High morals & standards at the CCSO now that's funny. All the tribe members cheat on their wives it's common knowlege. Hunter knows Freeman was a bad seed & couldn't have it come out before the election what he did. A big cover up I say so. Hunter your agency is a joke.

W_Coyote writes:

Typical that the sheriffs department was able to get the NDN to alter the story. This whole story stinks to high heaven. Another fine example of the solid fact that it is not necessarily what you do at the sheriff's office but who you are at the sheriffs department.

Hunter waived the 2 week notice requirement and said that any investigation would have been muted by the resignation. Bull. One cannot resign in good standing if under investigation. But wait... Hunter would have waived that requirement too.

It's time for change.

bullhalsey writes:

Other deputies in the past have attempted to resign when allegation arose, and Hunter refused to accept the resignation; furthermore, he sent his command staff to speak with the individual(s) to convince them to stay and wait out an investigation. The deputies were eventually terminated in bad standing. Now he pulls this. Hypocritical, unethical and unbelievable. Public, please don't trust this elitist administration.

ohgeorge writes:

I've met Rambosk and have been impressed with his vision and he desire to take the sheriff's department to a higher professional level in service to the community. Moreover, his spotless record is solid and shows much, much more experience than Ortino. I'm sure he will clean house and kept it clean by staying on top of things. Hunter was just one of the good old boys going along for the ride and raking the dough. He was a good PR person who could fake it well.

Red_White_Blue writes:

Who's responsible for trying to hide the negative headlines of the County Gov't. & CCSO's misfits? NDN didn't report on the DUI a CCSO Deputy received from FWP early Monday morning. It also didn't report on the MedFlight helo pilot Mark Holmes who is to be terminated for allegedly flying the scenic route over the Naples Canoe Race on the way to pickup a patient at NCH!!!

Links below!

BlueTonguedVole (Inactive) writes:

Excellent comments about Rambosk ohgeorge. I would not fully agree with you about Hunter. I do think he made the right choice by not running.

gcflycatcher writes:

Your right Coyote, it is time for a change and there will be one soon when Rambosk is elected Sheriff! (and we don't have to send Kevin to the police academy to become a real cop) RAMBOSK FOR SHERIFF!

bullhalsey writes:

Check out Go to message boards, and click on Collier County. You will read what the agency thinks about this guy, Hunter, and the investigation that will never be public record. Sham!

mississippi writes:


You said Hunter's agency is a joke.

To the men and women of Hunter's agency......

Thanks for:

Finding a lost pet.

Stopping and helping to fix a flat tire.

Providing directions when people are lost.

Helping students in the program "Do the right thing".

Community Service programs that help the elderly.

Arriving just in time to stop a fight or quell a disturbance.

To stop parents from fighting.

Find a lost child or elderly person.

Performing CPR.

Responding to burglaries, fights and robberies.

Stopping a car in the middle of the night and hoping it's not a person who wants to kill you.

I know people tell you that it's just your job.....but your family and freinds know it's more than that.

Toesmom, if or when you need help.... like it or not... CCSO will help you too, that is not debatable.

ccso_id writes:

I dont see how some of you people can figure Rambosk can fix this, he's part of it. He's been the number two man for what four years now? The number two man is the one who usually doles out punishment and signs off on the internal investigations. when did this complaint come out about freeman? was it before Rambosk "stepped down"?, what does he know? did he know about this and let it go? yeah, right. Rambosk has been at the helm for four years and say what you want, we all know Hunter hasnt been here and rambosk has been running the show "in training" to be Hunters fresh picked boy. Is Hunter so intimidating that he shuts Rambosk down from doing the right thing in all these issues? Who else is he afraid of?

volochine writes:

LOL!!!! Hunter actually endorses Freeman?

What does that say for his endorsement of Rambosk?

Vote for the newcomers. Break up the power play.

irconcerned writes:

Sorry guys! The entire Hunter/Rambosk must go! You cannot possibly believe that someone like Rambosk, the number two man for years, is going to make any appreciable changes. He's as bad as Hunter. We need to clean house.

Trexler writes:

Just another "Friday night press-release"..

irconcerned writes:

PS to Sheriff Hunter/Rambosk.....this only becomes a "moot point" when you summarily close (or did you ever open) an investigation and allow a potential rule breaker/law breaker to retire with full benefits and pay. What is his pension, probably a cool $100K per year of taxpayers money? I'd love to have someone in the CCSO calculate the amount.

Ironside writes:

I've always said it, and I'll say it again.....

Victor Ortino for SHERIFF!

nickm writes:

There's no race in this contest for Sheriff.

Who are you all kidding?

Rambosk is an experienced, innovative driven, responsible law enforcement professional.

The other is a sloppy, dumb man who doesn't have an original thought or a clue on how to run a multi-million dollar law enforcement agency.

There is no contest. Everyone who wants professional law enforcement in Collier County knows that their vote will go to RAMBOSK.

Once again, congratulations, Sheriff Rambosk!

lynncon writes:

Ortino wants to take away your drivers licenses when you hit 65 years old. I'm more than decade away from that but this Ortino guy is SCARY.

He's very soft on traffic laws, too, since he owns a private car service. That's not what I want in a sheriff.

He's not sheriff material. At all. He wears shorts to debates and a tux shirt. Not a good look, Victor.

My vote, my family's vote and everyone I know at work are voting for Kevin Rambosk. Go to his web site and read about his accomplishments. We're lucky to have him in Naples.

Rambosk for Sheriff!!!

Matt__Moon writes:

Why anyone would insult someone that they dont know based on a newspaper ad is beyond me. Chris Freeman is a great guy/boss/friend. Hopefully he gets to choose when and where he wants to work, as he should, after keeping the citizens of Collier County SAFE for 22 years. Good Luck

cornandbeans writes:

OK, boys and girls, there's one fact that says it all. This guy was paid over $120,000 per year. $120,000! $120,000?!?. There are hundreds of egg heads getting paid 6 figures all over this county, and they don't earn 1/2 of it.

This county is a bureaucracy that any communist would be proud to be part of.

No incumbent should be re-elected. None. The best reason to vote for a person is that he is not an incumbent. Hunter-Rambosk is out!

GoodSense (Inactive) writes:

I don't know anything about the internal workings of this department, but I do know that this county has been an island of safety in South Florida under Hunter. There's a lot more crime and gang activity around us than there is here, and I think Hunter has to get the credit.

Nobody can make everybody happy, and anybody who has to do the tough job Don Hunter has done here is bound to make enemies.

Seems like all you complainers have an axe to grind.

goneand writes:

Lynncon..... get your candidates straight. You're talking about Vinnie, not Victor.
I would truly like to support Kevin Rambosk and would in a heartbeat if he would only come forward and say he is going to sweep out much of Hunter's command staff. The Freeman incident is only the tip of the iceberg and Hunter's handling of it is atrocious. Hunter has always preached integrity and accountability, yet when it applies to his command staff, all that is out the window. There is no investigation nor holding one to account for actions. Lies and deception are told to agency members in an email (why don't you print it NDN?)about Freeman's leaving along with the Sheriff Hunter's glowing endorsement of Freeman. Yes, if he leaves in good standing, there are huge financial gains such as payment for unused sick time. Only the command staff would be allowed to leave in good standing while a dark cloud looms overhead. Plus, he is allowed to leave without the standard notice. This is not showing integrity, Sheriff Hunter. It is not exhibiting the ethical behavior that is demanded from the office you still hold. Captain Rambosk.... it is time for you to step forward and tell the public exactly what you know and what you intend to change. If it means you need to leave the Sheriff's Office for a few months until the election, then so be it... but be up front and let the public and the sheriff's office employees know there are problems at the top and that you will be making changes.

realistic writes:

It seems to me that Freeman must have some dirt on Hunter. Wasn't Freeman a witness for Hunter in the FDLE investigation into a domestic violence accusation. Makes sense to me. It's disgusting that this married man used his position to sleep with his subordinates, one of whom is a Commander and is married to another CCSO deputy.

Freshbait writes:

Rambosk is Hunter's "Love Child" same old crap that Hunter has been feeding the public. Tax and Spend. It seems there are a lot of Bubbas in this kingdom and it is time for true change.
My vote is for Ortino.

grouper25 writes:

why are the taxes so high? who in the heck are setting these pensions for these bottom feeders anyway? Over 100,000 a year for a caption?
multiply this by all the dounut eaters Hunter has out there and one can see why Hunter and his cronies are a joke.
And people in here think ramsstunk is gonna change things, heck lets hire the illegals atleast they'll work for lower wages and do a better job

cardshark8 writes:

This guy is with Ortino at every event. He enjoys child porn, according to the paper.
He is one of Ortino's closest confidantes. Would you want this guy to be part of your staff? Would you want your Sheriff to consider this man for a job?

David Rich, 38, was fired after (a CCSO) internal investigation revealed the Web site contained... nude women and women performing oral sex. Also, during a separate investigation stemming from a failed polygraph test, Rich admitted to having witnessed online pornography involving minors, authorities said.

Rich, who is now employed with the private investigation firm Ortino Investigations, described the Web site as a “hobby-type fun thing,”

The investigation into Rich’s Web site began in July when the Sheriff’s Office received an e-mail from someone identified only as “Deputy Dan” who directed authorities to Rich’s site.

“When investigators opened the site they saw a photograph of a Florida motorcycle license plate licensed to Rich. Several of the photographs depicted nudity and oral sex. Others showed Rich with women in various stages of dress, from exposing their breasts to nude, the report said.

“I think it’s OK,” he said.

Rich told investigators that he would go online looking for movies and clips he could watch with his wife.

“There’s a lot of things I’ll download, just doesn’t do anything for me, so I trash it, you know. Put it in the delete file and erase,” Rich said during an interview.

At one point Rich told investigators that he clicked on a video called “My Teenie Wife,” that may have indicated it contained images of a 15-year-old, according to the investigation.

“I was downloading ‘My Teen Wife.’ I think I trashed it. I think I trashed the whole thing,” Rich said during his first examination.

Rich also told investigators he viewed an online movie called “My Girlfriend and I,” featuring two “high school”-age girls engaged in a pillow fight and kissing each other, and a video titled “Teen Prostitute Video,” where the girls appeared to be at least 18, the investigation revealed.

When asked again if he’d ever seen any pornography depicting people under 18, Rich said. “I’m sure I have. I’ll say yes.”

On December 26, Rich, who earned $49,169 a year at the jail, had his appointment withdrawn based on the totality of the two investigations, for “immoral, unlawful or improper conduct,” the Sheriff’s Office reported.

In an e-mail to the Daily News on Wednesday, Rich said he did not want to be interviewed because he feared being misquoted or having his statements taken out of context.
Rich started working with Ortino Investigations around the time of his appeal, said Victor Ortino, who owns and manages the firm. Ortino said Rich is a “good guy.”

MarcoRobert writes:

To quote ohgeorge, I must agree (except the Hunter digs:
"I've met Rambosk and have been impressed with his vision and he desire to take the sheriff's department to a higher professional level in service to the community. Moreover, his spotless record is solid and shows much, much more experience than Ortino. I'm sure he will clean house and kept it clean by staying on top of things. Hunter was just one of the good old boys going along for the ride and raking the dough. He was a good PR person who could fake it well."

I know the homegrown stock that Kevin Rambosk comes from in NJ - I have had the pleasure to know his boys who studied Karate with my son - and I've met his wife Pat many times over the last 10 years. This article has nothing to do with the coming election, and any lambasting of Kevin Rambosk is in poor taste, bitter taste - I'm ashamed that some of you who have posted here are my Collier County neighbors...shame on you all!

MarcoRobert writes:

As a post script to my blog above...I'm a former NJSP Trooper who's been around all types of law enforcement from the local constable to the Presidential Protection Unit of the US Secret Service. We are so lucky to have Kevin Rambosk as a candidate for sheriff; frankly speaking I'm suprised he would want the job after completing a unblemished career as Naples Chief and then City Manager. I believe he's doing all of us a favor by staying in law enforcement. The next time any of you lambast this man, remember that he does his job by choice, and that his family stands with him.

mothernature writes:

Dang, is Collier County turning into South New Jersey? Read if you want to hear the "real" dirt.

irconcerned writes:

Well MarcoRobert, it's nice you suggest no one "lambast" your man, and yet you people trot out the terrible charactor assasination of whoever David Rich is.....not sure....but what does he have to do with the debate about whether Freeman should have been fired or allowed to resign?

bullhalsey writes:

The Sheriff was exposed as a man, and an administration, that lacks integrity by not fully investigating these allegations.

rotten269 writes:

Freeman is the most obnoxious foul mouthed individual in the SO. A true womanizer who is on the make daily. Being appointed a captain from a sgt was the most disgusting item Hunter pulled during his regime. This guy is a pure bully and rules like a tyrant.
When a former Lt. was fired for running against Hunter several years ago, why hasn't the current undie (don't bet he's not still making those decisions), been fired for the same thing. I believe I can make these statements due to being retired-in good standing- from this half-a**__ agency.

lynncon writes:

My brother and his family live in the estates and Sheriff Don Hunter has some real professionals working for him. Their work during the brush fires last week was wonderful. They were helpful, compassionate and true public servants. We are a lucky community.

So thank you, Don. And all of your deputies, including Kevin Rambosk.

You're doing a fantastic job. I look forward to your fine work in the future, Kevin!

FDLEHELP writes:

It's about time! Maybe the FDLE will finally investigate the CCSO and Hunter. Just remember that NO means NO and covering it up will make it worse for the innocent victom.

gcflycatcher writes:

Rambosk will do the right thing once he's in. He knows how to lead and knows the job. He's more than qualified. Those who say he's just like Hunter don't know the man; they are just trying to sway some folks to vote for their man Vic, who's never run anything but a small PI company full of fired cops. RAMBOSK FOR SHERIFF!

scotsa writes:

Word is that Ortino is dropping out of the race due to lack of money.

factteller1 writes:

I am curious to know why NDN has links for "Related Stories" posted near the top? How are those links related to this story? Or are they just their for sensationalism?

I do not know much about Mr. Ortino but from what I can see so far it does not appear he has the experience or leadership abilities to handle a bureaucracy as large as the Sheriff’s Office. If indeed he his hiring those Hunter has fired that has to say something regarding his hiring standards.

Some of you may vote for him because you do not like Hunter but explain to me how you justify him being a better candidate over Mr. Rambosk.

I bet Mr. Rambosk must cringe every time something like this happens but I am sure he has his own ideas and plans for the Sheriff’s Office that he must to keep to himself until post primary season.

And for those of you who think the current administration is somehow responsible for or promotes this kind of behavior is ridiculous. The deputies who have chosen to break laws or engage in unethical or immoral conduct made those decisions on their own. Nobody likes or enjoys an internal investigation.

Many of you “Hunter haters” are screaming for change. Deputies are going to do dumb things or get in trouble no matter who is Sheriff. So I would like to know from the Hunter haters if Mr. Ortino gets elected and deputies continue to get in trouble are you going to scream for his resignation as so many of you have done in the past? Or are you four years from now going to yell ITS TIME FOR A CHANGE once again?

#15 and for you Toesmom you are a sad reality of one of those people the deputies in this county protect without reservation or hesitation!

I can go on but it’s difficult to concentrate with Hillary Clinton crying in the background.

dixielee writes:

Grouper, you're an idiot!

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