Collier deputy suspended for not patrolling in juvenile center while teen battered

— A Collier County sheriff’s deputy who investigators claim failed to patrol inside the county Juvenile Assessment Center for an hour in May while two teens battered a 14-year-old boy was suspended for a week without pay in December.

Deputy Shadrick McCausland, 34, was also placed on six months probation, and given a letter of reprimand and a final warning after a charge of untruthfulness was sustained against him during an internal investigation, the Sheriff’s Office reported Wednesday.

McCausland was on duty the night of May 14 at the assessment center, according to the closed investigation.

Every 10 minutes, McCausland was required to check on the juveniles detained in the center, and record the checks in a log.

However, for about an hour, McCausland was caught up surfing the Internet for gang Web sites for his gang intelligence research, and failed to conduct the checks, the investigation revealed.

“I must have got sidetracked with the times,” McCausland told investigators.

Even so, McCausland wrote in the logs that he did conduct the checks, said Capt. Al Beatty of the agency’s Professional Responsibility Bureau.

“He was conducting Sheriff’s Office business,” Beatty said. “He got delayed and he should not have written down that he did checks when he, in fact, did not.”

Authorities learned that between 11:37 p.m. May 14 and 12:46 a.m. May 15, while McCausland was doing “gang intelligence research,” a 14-year-old boy was being assaulted in a cell not more than 20 feet away.

Reports indicate that Joshua Richard Tirado, then 17, of 4348 19th Place S.W., in Golden Gate, and Tyler “T-Boy” Joseph Murphy, then 15, of 5100 19th Ave. S.W. in Golden Gate, who are both known to have violent pasts, forced a 14-year-old cell mate to lick the floor, lick the toilet, hit himself in the face until he bled, and do push-ups.

The boy was made to wash his face in the toilet, and lick the floor after it was spit on and urinated on, reports said. Tirado and Murphy also kicked the 14-year-old.

For about 35 seconds during the attack, a camera in the cell was covered with a shirt, which quickly fell off. An employee who monitors the cameras in a master control room also did not see the assault, Beatty said.

Both Tirado and Murphy were eventually arrested on battery charges.

Tirado was sentenced to six months in the county jail and two years of probation. Murphy, who was considered less culpable, was sentenced in juvenile court.

McCausland, who started with the Sheriff’s Office in July 2004, earns $47,896.91 a year, the Sheriff’s Office reported.

Though the on-duty officer sits only about 20 feet from the holding cell in the Juvenile Assessment Center, the officer cannot easily see the cell, Beatty said. He said the Sheriff’s Office is considering changes.

“It’s to redesign that booking area to allow the post officer to be in direct sight and sound of the juveniles at all times by maybe relocating the officer’s desk and possibly installing Plexiglas planes in the door of the holding cell,” Beatty said.

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Comments » 40

savethewhalz writes:

Poor kid. I know what he went through. At my Kappa Sig initiation at Texas Tech we had to do the same cleaning the toilets with our tongues etc. Also, they put cayenne pepper on our genitals and made us each eat twenty roaches. Some things never change.

Trexler writes:

How does one keep a liar on staff?

beetlejuice writes:

Stop blaming Rambosk for this. He arrived only a month ago...not even, and U think he's to blame?
There was an error made on part of employee who wasn't watching cameras, and a combined error of entire staff.
There was an elephant riding Italian who could have been Sheriff. He was the Republican party....scared heck outta me!

Minority writes:

Man for a 14 year old kid this must be tough...I was scared of 17 year olds at that age. Not much age difference but a whole lot of man power difference at that age. Poor kid. I wonder if these cells are sound proof? I would yell my butt off. The person that monitors the camera should be layed off for a week also. Seriously what was it nap time? The 17 year old should be charged as an adult, and the 15 year old give me 15minutes with him and I bet my belt will straighten him out.

babbas writes:

Once a liar always a liar. Especially for an officer of the law - if an officer is found to lie about something, they should be fired. They will lie again.

ravenhawk writes:

Savethewhalz, is licking toilets, eating roaches and seasoning your gonads with hot pepper something to be proud of? Just curious? I suppose there just is not much self respect anymore. It happens to this kid in jail and it is humiliating. It happens to you in school and it's the mark of manhood. Geezz

beetlejuice writes:

Note to self...never rush Kappa Sig.

chap914 writes:

Isn't giving false information to a police officer a CRIME under Florida law? If so, other than the double standard due good old boys, why wasn't this "fine" officer charged just like you or I would have been if we lied to a cop.

peggysue39 writes:

Where ever I worked being dishonest was a reason for termination. But if I ever wrote and put my name to it "GONE IN A FLASH". Where can I get an application for CCSO>

jayhawksfan writes:

Let us hear from Chief Jim Williams, that embodiment of integrity.
Where is the head of IA?

TB13 writes:

Discipline for misconduct is certainly appropriate, but for lying, the deputy should have been terminated. All people make mistakes - which is understandable, but to lie to cover up a mistake is absoutely inexcussable. Glad to see it's still business as usual over there!

cupcake writes:

Looks like Joshua and Tyler have a future with the CIA.

jayhawksfan writes:

Rambosk was there when this happened.
No free pass.

diamondgrl writes:

This deputy must be one of the boys. Some have done far less than what he did & gotten far worse punishment. I guess what they say about CCSO is true it is who you are not what you do. Hope the parents of the boys sue & win big.

chasefamily85 writes:

I hope the real story about some other recent events at CCSO come out very soon. I think the public will be very surprised at how widespread misconduct is out there.

concernedcitizen1 writes:

Notice the two boys involved have already been investigated, and sentenced by the justice system. Why did it take the CCSO eight months to conduct their investigation of one deputy. The punishment does not fit the crime. He should have been terminated. Obviously, he is one of the protected within the CCSO. Perhaps he should suffer the same indignities the young man he abandoned did?

megansmama writes:

It's pathetic. Someone should took a good, hard look at that place. Why do some people get disciplined harshly and not others? Does it depend on who you know or who railroads your case?

tried_n_true writes:

How does he not get fired? I smell a huge lawsuit......

CaptKidd writes:

What's wrong with this picture. Not performing his duty, not truthful, major lawsuit coming I would venture to say. Command Center Deputy not watching the cameras. Where the heck was the supervision.

jayhawksfan writes:

Who is running the jail?

bellln writes:

And you wonder why cops are not trusted.

rodrodney writes:

You are so right, Anne!

TSOL writes:

I suspect the reasons he wasn't charged with a crime was because this was not a criminal investigation into the actions of the deputy but rather an employer investigating the actions of one of their employees. Additionally as to why he wasn't fired I don't know but I believe that LEO's belong to a union and perhaps there is something in their contract as to what constitutes a firing offense or that they need to follow certain steps like putting a final warning in his file. I have known people who have worked under a union and it seemed that it was vary hard for them to just be fired.

On a side note if this was my company and I caught an employee falsifying records he'd be long gone. But that's just me.

rodrodney writes:

Of course it could be criminal charges. They're investigating people now for non-crimes and trying to charge them criminally. CCSO does it all of the time. It just depends who you are, TSOL.

LovesBS writes:

Hopefully this news (of the beatings) will deter other punks from winding up in stir. It's not a picnic!!

branwen writes:


You come across as a lofty moralist. Anyone can quote rules and regulations verbatim.

Sheriff Rambosk inherited a staff that was put together by Hunter. Just like Obama, Rambosk needs time to inject his morals and beliefs until compliance is met. Rambosk goes by the book on the important things and allows for human error.

If there is a benefit of a doubt, Rambosk will give it to you.

Your negativity and expectations of perfection are disturbing and unrealistic. Your rants cry out for recognition of human worthiness.

"Let he who is without sin, cast the first stone"

You'll like Rambosk..give him some space to move around in.

branwen writes:


I agree. This country was built on people like you and me that want the right things done. It takes strong leadership and believe me, I will the first to ask for his removal if he F's up with my tax dollars.

diamondgrl writes:

#25 there is no union at CCSO but it appears as though one is needed. Punishment is not consistent & fair.

#28 Rambosk's morales & beliefs are no better than Hunter's or the good ole boys. He is as bad as they are. Nothing will change.

jayhawksfan writes:

He ran his campaign out of there. Do you think he will investigate?

okathy writes:

hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm- lets see ...

1) Did not do job properly.
2) Lied about what happened.
3) Only loses 1 week pay.
4) 6 months probation for a child getting beat the hell up. ....

again ...hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm I think working for the Sheriff's Dept. DJJ may be just the job for anyone who wants to slack on their job, and only get the slightest of penalties .... I will say, if I were the parent of the child beaten .... I would own DJJ in a law suit!

What a crock of crap!!!!! I bet they get to smoke pot on the job as well, maybe this will only have a small penalty of 1 day off with no pay???

What do you all think?

just_makin_it writes: many of you think that Hunter is NOT yanking chains in the background??

rodrodney writes:

Of course Hunter is. He's waiting to run Ramboks out of office.

caloosa writes:


Smoke_Diver writes:

Sucks, but maybe this will keep that kid from going back to jail.

Minority writes:

#43 well put. My first view on this is post # 5 here is my second.

Kids that think there "tough", happens around the age of 13. Maybe the 14 year old acted like he was the "bomb", and got put in his place? This is a horrible thing to happen but it did probably teach the 14 year old a lesson on being a juvenile. He should now know that he will be forced to do more disguisting stuff if he continue on this path. I need something like this to happen to one of my cousins that is a wannabe thug. This would shape him up fast. Or my belt If they ask me to take care of him.

Aquaholic writes:

#36 did you read the article?? The CCSO was responsible for monitoring the youth in the holding cell. DJJ had nothing to do with this. It occured in the Juvenile Assessment Center nogt the juvenile detention center.. Hello???

truth1 writes:

Just suspended??? The deputy did not do their job, lied about it, and a child had to endure horrible things because of this irresponsible officer. AND this deputy gets just 1 weeks suspension with/out pay????? Oh, Boo-hoo -- is someone going to kiss his butt too?

How can anyone think this is right or just?

bossman1 writes:

These older boys knew the walk-around wasn't happening every ten min. and they had time to do these things.
Another employee stealing time from his employer. Just like a well known blogger who is on the ndn's blogs all day long while working and see's no problem with it.

okathy writes:

Excuse me mr. aholic .... the CCSO has a system inside the DJJ as well ... trust me I work here ... I know who is where and when ... now is anything else you need to know?

GUNNER36 writes:


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