Letter: Is this trip necessary?

Gia Heitman, Naples

Is this trip necessary?

Three of my very close friends and I have fallen over the concrete bumpers in the parking lots in Naples and Fort Myers. One had a broken pelvis and shoulder; another needed rotator cuff surgery; another broke her ankle; and I needed an elbow replacement.

Many people, noticing my arm in a sling, report: "Oh, that happened to me, or to my friend, in a parking lot."

These bumpers are not very visible; they are rarely painted and blend in with the concrete of the parking lot. Often they are in a very bad state of repair — crumbled or loose from their moorings. At night, and in between cars, they are almost invisible, and many lots are poorly lighted.

Particularly offensive are the ones just a few inches from the curb. It seems that the curb would be sufficient barrier to the sidewalk.

How is it possible that there are several lots in Naples that do not have any — or very few — barriers, such as Publix at the Strand, Target and Walmart?

Preventing fender-benders is a possible reason, but obviously less important than preventing serious falls.

When you consider the present escalating costs of Medicare, can you imagine what these bumpers are costing us as taxpayers?

If you have tried to get an appointment lately, you know our doctors are extremely busy without having to deal with totally preventable injuries and suffering.

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Sane_in_Florida (Inactive) writes:

I've never tripped over one of those but then again I'm not 180 years old either!

Now I know why healthcare costs are rising so fast, you fall down and you and your friends need half the joints in your bodies replaced - effing ridiculous!

TiredoftheBS writes:

How about you assume ALL parking lots have them, take responsibility for yourself and LOOK DOWN!

Quit blaming others for your carelessness!

DonK31 writes:

The simple solution is to watch where you're walking.

PAREIDOLIA (Inactive) writes:

TIREDOFTHEBS has a point.

-and may I add: There are just too many PROUD people these days; walking around with their heads in the air.

What we need is a little more humility; a few more people; as the man said; "looking down".

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