Jeff Lytle: Candidates say the darnedest things

When political candidates spend time with our editorial board to help us decide who to endorse, we never know what is going to come out.

Mixed in with the basic issues and formal phrasing are some quotable quotes.

Here is a sampler from our latest half-hour sessions with candidates in the Aug. 14 primary. (You can see and hear the entire interviews for yourself at

Trey Radel, running for the GOP nomination for U.S. House District 19, sizes up the rest of the field: "Quite frankly there are some great candidates out there."

He spoke of his work experience as a TV newsman and with the family mortuary in Ohio: "I was the occasional idiot standing in the hurricane" and "I drove the hearse and did as much as I possibly could."

Florida Rep. Kathleen Passidomo, R-Naples, seeking re-election in newly named District 106, had two observations on education. If students are so enthused in elementary grades, "What happens when they get to high school and they're half asleep?" she asked.

She also calls for clear testing standards: "Kids are going to work hard to produce if they know what's expected."

Her GOP opponent, David Bolduc of Naples, said "we will have another banking-led crisis" and proposes a state bank to "help insulate ourselves."

It works for North Dakota, he said, and the only thing different about Florida is that it's "40 degrees warmer."

His age? Forty-four "as of today; it's my birthday."

Chauncey Solinger of San Carlos Park, a Republican running in new Florida House District 76 in the Bonita Springs-Estero area, said: "I grew up in food stamp lines, so I know the value of working."

As the owner of three small businesses, he said: "I know how to turn a dime into a dollar."

Ray Rodrigues, another GOP candidate for that seat, said of his past races for supervisor of elections and the Lee County School Board: "I'm a believer in learning, and I learned not to run against an incumbent."

Think regionally, he said: "A rising tide raises all ships."

Michael Grant, running for the same seat, said Florida "is going to be the laboratory for what works and what doesn't work" for seniors' health care.

He's against more gambling: "What's it doing these days for Atlantic City and Nevada?"

Les Cochran of Estero, running for the Lee County School Board, District 3, sees a vacuum of leadership: "I don't see anyone walking the walk or walking the talk or however you say that."

He zeroes in on long bus rides "on yellow dinosaurs" as a waste of time and money: "Nothing good happens on a bus."

And so it goes.

Stay tuned. There are more interviews and quotable quotes to come.n n nA few weeks ago Daily News reader Bill Rowe of Naples asked readers to send in clever boat names as a marine response to the compilations of license plates that I do from time to time.

This is what we got — mostly from Rowe himself.

Dock It To Me

At the Office


Bow to Sterne (owner's name)

Dutch Treat (owner's from Holland)

Eau La La

Jet Star (he just retired as editor of a flying magazine, and he and his wife are pilots)

Shark Bait

Strings Attached (a sailboat)

Wright Stuff (owner's name)

Two Wive$ (owned by two couples; the wives have a habit of shopping till they drop when on cruises)

Radio Waves (he owns radio stations)

Double O (he drives an Aston Martin and his kids named the boat)

Bob-A-Lou (their names)

Group Therapy

Haui from Maui (his dad's name was Howard and played in a Hawaiian band)\

Knot So Fast

Liquid Asset

Whopper Jr (he owned Burger Kings)

Golden Domer (he graduated from Notre Dame)

Lytle is editorial page editor of the Daily News. His email address is Call him at 239-263-4773.

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Comments » 4

John_Galt writes:

Really? Boat names were more important than mentioning ALL of the candidates in the House 106 race? Especially considering that you just left OUT Peter Richter, the Libertarian, that took 2nd, beating one Republican, Bulduc, in the Naples News/Politics in the Park straw poll. That's two articles in 3 days where you've left out the Libertarian Candidate.

His website is for those that want to see who's going to be our next State Rep from Naples.

Oh, yeah, and ask NDN why they haven't interviewed Mr. Richter yet. Good old boy network working against voter choice once again.

John_Q_Public writes:

Is Representative Passidomo going to accept the debate invitation she was sent on May 29th? Her two opponents, including Peter Richter ( have already confirmed the GOOOH moderated debate. It would be a shame if Passidomo wouldn't stand in front of the voters and debate the issues were her challengers.

BigConservativeVoice writes:

I find it interesting that you even give Mr. Radel the time of day considering how he has been less than truthful with every member of the press. He is now dodging debates and refusing to answer questions that concern his character or lack there of.

The man refuses to produce documentation that he was not the one who created the sexually demeaning domain names of Spanish women. Has the press asked him why he first stated he started Trey Enterprises during the dot com boom when the records show he started it in 2005? Has the press asked why in a recent editorial board interview he stated he started it in the late 1990's? Has the press asked why he did not list Trey Enterprises on his campaign website? Has the press asked him why the names were purchased in 2005 and renewed every year until 2011? Character matters people. Less Radel turns into another John Edwards or Bill Clinton we should ask these questions.

I notices that so called charity for disabled veterans is no longer active. Let me rephrase that, the charity provided one handicap ramp for a deserving veteran and then did nothing but collect money. It expired in June and was not renewed and the website has been shut down. Has the press asked this man why it lasted only a year? Have the press asked him why it was established just a month after he purchased candidate domain names? Have the press asked him if the charity was a sham to garner positive press for himself and one of his big donors?

Have the press asked him about his so called "publishing business" that he owned for ten months and then sold it in a bundle with two other small meaningless publications? This is a successful business?

Seems to me there are a lot of questions to ask Mr. Radel but there is not a reporter in southwest Florida willing to ask them. I ask you this simple question. If this were Governor Scott would you give him a pass on the same issues? Of course not so why give them to Mr. Radel?

miamia writes:

What I think we're entitled to from any newspaper we support is the truth. I'd sure like the entire list of ALL candidates running in the upcoming primary election especially the very important post of United States Senator from Florida.

We need to replace Bill Nelson and not with some inept person who is running on the name of his well known relatives!

Check other newspapers further North in Florida to see who is the real front runner in this race!

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