Letter: Be brave and read

Peter Weissman, Naples

Be brave and read

It seems that Jackie Willoughby, from her May 5 letter, either can't read or intentionally misrepresented H.R. 347.

I was "brave enough" to read the bill and it nowhere suggests that protesters within the president's hearing or within view of the Secret Service expressing their opinions can be arrested, jailed, or charged with a felony.

The act, passed overwhelmingly by both the Senate and House, only extends to Washington, D.C., what was already the law in 50 states, making it a felony to knowingly enter restricted areas with the intent of disrupting government business or official functions or causing physical violence.

It would be a felony only if a deadly weapon were used and significant injury resulted; otherwise a misdemeanor.

Nowhere does the act state that peaceful or orderly protests are illegal.

Perhaps our "ultraliberal news media" didn't write about it because there was nothing to write about. Or perhaps ignorant writers should really know what they are talking about before spouting off.

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sporttruck writes:

If the Obama administration was not working against the will of the people, this law would not be needed. As we have seen for the last six years, Washington ignors the people and does what it wants inspite of "we the people". Now they want to shut us up. Snowbird, you and Petey plus a few others are blind or ignorant, or both.

Robertofnaples writes:

I, as a long time Republican, often shake my head at what some write here; and try and pass it off as truth. What could be the motivating factor, in saying such outlandish and easily debunked hogwash? At one time, "we" could say; it's broken and you said you could fix it. Simply not the case any more. Things are slowly improving and one can actually see progress. Instead of coming up with viable solutions; the G.O.P., is simply unable to work with this administration on nearly any level. Then "we" say well, Newt, no Cain, no Michelle, no Rick, no Donald, no Perry, no Mitt; can surely win in November. All I can say is, if you want an easy return on a wager; take the under on the point spread at which President Obama, defeats Mitt by.
Be careful though; if your wager is over $250,000.00; you'll have to pay short term Capitol gains on the profit.

pmz writes:

There is no truth that supports neo-republicanism. The only thing that they have are lies about Democrats.

It really is that simple.

colinkelly2 writes:

What is simple is the mentality that uses vile invective against people whom one doesn't even know.

Robertofnaples writes:

I just heard this was not from Jackie at all. But from another household member. You know that's what I was thinking. I wonder if "Barry" is really his first name? See I know two people that are called "Barry"; but that's because they have really "funny" first names.You don't suppose it's actually "Barrack" Willoughby; do you? Because that would be really, really funny!!!

Pragmatic1 writes:

What? A Willoughby making something up? Distorting the facts? Misrepresenting something? Targeting President Obama when it has absolutely nothing to specifically do with him?

Well, there is something to be said about being consistent, even if it is consistently wrong.

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