Letter: The plan

Ann Marie Gressani, Naples

The plan

Enough is enough is enough! We the people have to force this administration and its irresponsible president to take strong measures, on the international scene for the sake of America!

Bring home — now — all our troops from Afghanistan and Iraq. I said all, because there is another way to prevent and fight terrorism rather than jeopardizing the lives of our troops in these archaic countries.

We have an extremely skillful military, special forces, Navy SEAL teams who have proved with the Osama bin Laden operation how fantastic they are, using important information from Guantanamo.

This is the way to fight terrorism and the dangers of Iran trying to develop nuclear bombs.

The threat is very serious; instead of sending money blindly all over the world, we should use it to organize very secret military actions — sometimes maybe with the help of opponents of these crazy ayatollahs — and hit places like Natanz or Fordow in Iran where they develop nuclear power for missiles.

I trust the Central Intelligence Agency, all special forces and other strong organizations. Everything is possible with the right people, without involving bureaucrats of this administration. As we say in French, "ni vu, ni connu" — "not being seen, not been known"!

We must keep the Navy with its submarines and carriers roaming around the Strait of Hormuz and the Middle East, even reinforce them.

Iran is behind Syria and war with Russia and China. So, the Navy can have an eye open in case these kinds of secret operations need help.

Don't re-elect President Barack Obama.

Wake up America; otherwise this is the end of the Western civilization

God bless America.

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CarpeVeritas writes:

Ah, my dear Chicken Little.

Without Romney, "this is the end of the Western civilization?" I couldn't have written a more satirical line than you.

Republican interventions abroad are not easily stopped, and it's equally humorous to blame a Democrat.

So, as we say in French, je pense que vous êtes fou.

Robertofnaples writes:

So this is "our" choice America; vote Republican for forever wars? Or vote Democratic, to end American Imperialism? Just that simple. Let me see, the economy is fixing itself, Combat Troops are out of Iraq, the American auto industry is again #1 in the world, unemployment is dropping, OBL is dead (thank you Special Ops), manufactering is slowly coming back, and finally, I can see light at the end of the tunnel; and it's not an oncoming train. All this with zero help from my party (R). Can you imagine the success we would have enjoyed if the GOP's number one priority was not to defeat this President? I won't leave the party who once had grand ideals; because come November, many of the obstructionists will be gone. Then we can rebuild our parties stature as a viable strong forward looking party of grand ideas and deeds. When all you have is social issues, and success was to slow in coming; you are simply plain dry burnt toast!!!

whalling writes:

The writer makes some excellent points, however, we should not expect any actions from Obama before the election. Obama has been in full campaign mode for a long time and has stopped governing. Clear evidence of his intentions came forth when he was unintentianally overheard telling Medvedev from Russia to wait until after the election when he will have more flexibility to do what he wants. I wonder what he has told North Korea and Iran about waiting and what he might have promised them if he is elected that we did not unintentionally overhear. He has certainly told Israel to wait.

BobinNaples writes:

"Wake up America; otherwise this is the end of the Western civilization"

Fear: the Republican platform.

pmz writes:

The first 90% of this letter pleads for all of the things that President Obama is doing. Followed by "Don't re-elect President Barack Obama".


Nina6520 writes:

I can hardly wait for November. When Barack Obama gets in for his second term, people like Ann Marie are going to be apoplectic with rage. Will they spend the next four years ranting on about the end of Western civilization? Will they blame God for not blessing America? I sincerely hope they can find an outlet for all their hate and venom, otherwise they might just explode. Yay!

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