Naples City Council blog: Airport noise dominates discussion

City of Naples beat reporter Kristine Gill will be blogging and tweeting from the Naples City Council meeting.

Airport noise will likely take center stage today during a joint meeting between Naples City Council and commissioners from the Naples Municipal Airport Authority.

The two parties are coming together after a March town hall meeting when residents complained that low-flying planes were affecting their quality of life.

Four of five commissioners will present at today's meeting to discuss the departure of planes over Old Naples compared to other areas of the city, the voluntary curfew of 10 p.m. and those who repeatedly break it, and term limits for commissioners.

The airport authority's noise consultant Ted Baldwin will also be present.

Residents asked at the town hall for the creation of a citizen's advisory board that would make recommendations to the airport authority, but council later shot the idea down.

FUNERAL HOMES: Council will vote on a second reading of an ordinance to add funeral homes to a list of business types allowed in the highway commercial district of the city. Council approved the first reading at its last meeting by a 4 to 3 vote after Mayor John Sorey said a funeral home business had approached him about the possibility of setting up shop in Naples.

SEAWALL CONSTRUCTION: Possible changes to the seawall construction codes in Naples could bring the ordinances in line with state regulations and neighboring municipalities. Council will discuss these possibilities and new technologies that allow for different types of seawall construction that are more environmentally friendly.

COUNTY EMS: Vice Mayor Gary Price will update council on possible changes to the county's emergency medical services. Price has been meeting with county and city personnel and recently attended the April 26 workshop with the Board of County Commissioners.

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Comments » 11

Therealist writes:

I'd hope that the people concerned with airport noise lived where they do before the airport was constructed. If not, they should quit their belly-achin'.

DonkeyWhispererakaDuh_novan writes:

move already!!!!

felipe writes:

lmao it's an airport , of course there is going to be noise !!!!

HAP writes:

But those old timers who have lived her also know that the Port Royal folks made sure the air traffic would not go over their hood. Money can buy lot's of things, including the removal of noise over your house.

scorky writes:

WHINE ! WHINE ! WHINE !. I am tired of hearing about the airport noise. The airport was here long before most of these people. Get over yourselves. You sound like a bunch of babies.

Colorado (Inactive) writes:

in response to HAP:

But those old timers who have lived her also know that the Port Royal folks made sure the air traffic would not go over their hood. Money can buy lot's of things, including the removal of noise over your house.

You are absolutely right there. They will continue the "Golden Ghetto" noise abatement procedure. Land over Golden Gate, Take off over Golden Gate. Money buys anything, including the minds of millions of ignorant conservatives---like most of you who have contributed today to this article.

captainhedgehog writes:

This meeting is a complete waste of time and money. After reviewing the quarterly noise complaints on the Naples Airport Authority website, I found out that there is no information given for repeat complainers. This means if there are 40 noise complaints in a given month, 35 complaints could be from the same individual. Is there any way they can consider adding a graph or any data to indicate who is complaining. Is it an enormous amount of residents or just a few individuals?
Secondly, I commend all of the commissioners for volunteering their time and service, however the Naples City Council should consider applying mandatory term limits to board members and commissioners. Airport commissioners are interviewed and appointed by the City Council, so who’s really to blame? The Naples Airport Authority has the power to make important decisions about the airport that can affect the city as well as bring in millions of dollars in revenue, without the City Council’s approval or consent.

bananas8187 writes:

There is no viable public airline service in this airport's future. Ever.

It is a convenience to the big private jet owners, plain and simple. The wannabe pilots like to play at their hobby, but they shouldn't carry any clout.

That the Port Royal guys have successfully lobbied to divert the noise is hysterical, since it their very own aircraft that disturbs them and their neighbors.

"Leave my private Jetport alone, but see that the noise and fuel droppings only affect the rabble."

gcop writes:

Please don't change the take off and landings to go over our wonderful beaches! The small businesses in this town do not need the visitors to move up to North Naples beaches. Please keep the tourist dollars in the City limits. The obvious flight path should be over Naples Bay and out over the Gulf via the shortest route possible.

Sick writes:

Funny I don't ever hear jet noise in Port Royal. What are they talking about?

My G6 runs in and out of the airport all the time and I never heard one complaint.

This must be a myth. And don't expect me to pay a noise tax just because I can afford a G6.

Not my fault I was smart.

Sick writes:

Before everyone gets in an uproar over little planes look at what a 747 noise level is compared to other every day noise makers.

Harley motorcycle pipes are up in the 150-170 decibal range FYI.

Here are some other's below.

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