Collier Citizen Photo Contests

The Collier Citizen offers monthly photo contests. Entries must include name, contact numbers and type of camera used. Entries can be emailed to

Full gallery »Collier Citizen April Photo Contest "Standing Out"

  • Richard Eddy took this photograph on the Naples Pier. He calls it 'The Shadow.'
  • This orchid was photographed in Golden Gate Estates by Debbie Pignatiello. It proves that there is life after frost!
  • Jason Billington took this photograph of the deer 'standing out' from the retreating storm in the background in the Turner River area.
  • A cormorant standing out in the crowd of on-lookers at Royal Palm Trail  
in Everglades National Park. Photo was taken March 7, 2010. Photo courtesy Ann Mellema

Full gallery »PHOTO CONTEST: Speed

  • Honorable mention by Monica Taccone. Camera used Kodak Easy Share ZD710.
  • Honorable mention by David C. Bosworth.This picture was taken on Naples beach, August 2007. The camera used was a Canon 20D.
  • Honorable mention by Damaris Gonzalez.Ca mera : Olympus E500. Picture of a sea gull running at high speed to fly over the sea, Naples Beach by the Pier.
  • Third Place by Claire Christianson. This picture was taken at the Dog Beach of Bonita Springs.  It shows our dog Roxi (a Basenji mix) doing what she loves best, racing through the water chasing her friend and playmate, Lily.  The photo was taken with a Canon Rebel XSi with Canon Zoom lens EF-S 55-250mm.
  • Second place by Jennie Kendrick. This photo was taken at the Florida Sports Park during the annual Swamp Buggy Races.  Photo was taken with a Sony H50 camera.  This buggy was captured as it took a high speed curve on the water track.
  • First place by Ryan Garry. The picture was taken by me an 8 yr old on a Cannon Power Shot (A620) at the Charlotte County Air Show 2009.

Full gallery »PHOTO CONTEST: Soft

  • Taken at Miami Zoo with Kodak EasyShare. By Peggy Felice
  • This shot was taken with a Canon EOS RebelxS 1000D 35-70mm lens zoomed to the max!
Easter Lily 'dust' as soft as silk. By Valerie Maud
  • I took this photo in the early morning hours @ Mission San Carlos de Borromeo  in Carmel, California. We were touring the California coast in the fall, 2007. Taken with Canon Power Shot SD800 IS. By Joyce A. Donovan
  • Attached is my version of ' soft' as in a soft and fluffy 4 month old Chocolate/ white colored Havanese puppy.   Taken with a Nikon camera April 4,2009. The dogs name is Simon.  By Maureen Reed
  • Taken off of Immokalee Road, Sony A100, with 300zoom lens, SLR. By Bob Melin
  • The picture is taken at the 09-10-2008 in Northern Germany. Picture details: ISO 320, f 5.6,  1/2000, camera EOS 40D, 4/500 mm plus converter. By Guenter Wego

Full gallery »PHOTO CONTEST: Catching the Sun

  • By John Pomeroy
  • This picture is of Charles Henry catching the sun in November, 2007, on Naples Beach, near sunset, with a Vivitar digital camera.  By Charles Henry
  • This photo was taken in October 2004 at Mallory Square in Key West at Sunset. We used a Concord EyeQ 4363z Digital Camera with a 7.2-21.7mmf/ 2.8-4.7 3x Optical Zoom Lens. By Bridget and Gary Miller
  • This photo was taken in Naples Landing Park, Naples Bay at sunrise. Taken with Olympus E500. By Damaris Gonzalez
  • Third Place: 'I was taking pictures of the sunrays coming out of the cloud when this boat happened by'. Taken at Sugden Park in Sept. of 2006. Taken with Sony digital camera DSC-H1. By Becky Beatty
  • Second Place: The picture was taken Jan. 23rd, 2009 at the Tigertail Beach at Marco Island.
Taken with Canon EOS 1 D Mark III. 1/2000 sec. f 5.6 Iso 250. By Klaus Kuhnigk

Full gallery »PHOTO CONTEST: Nature's Gift

  • Taken in Newark with a Canon 20D. I collected Monarch butterfly caterpillars and photographed each stage of their metamorphosis. By David C. Bosworth
  • Taken in Naples off Rattlesnake Rd. Taken with Kodak CX4230. By Steve Arey
  • By Tammy Staab
  • This is a picture of a four-eared deer in the Big Cypress National Preserve.  This is a real deer and no alteration has been done to the photo.  The photo was taken December 6, 2008 with a Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-H50.  By  
Tiffany Campbell
  • Picture was taken in Naples at the Third Street South Farmer's Market at our Organic Plant Health Care booth in January 2009. Taken with  a Canon Lumix digital camera. By Stephanie Rivera
  • It is a close-up of the lichen on the walkway railing at the Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary. It was taken the summer of 2007 using a Canon 20D  with a 17-85 mm lens.  By Steve Abbett

Full gallery »PHOTO CONTEST: Up Close

  • The flower from a bromiliad which was blooming just outside my front door. Taken with Olympus C-730. By Mary Lynn Capobianco
  • My Horse 'Chip.' By Rick Mercer
  • 'Wall' by Stephen Arey. Taken with Kodak cx4230
  • 'Beach Algae' was shot on the beach near Naples pier. Taken with a Canon 20D SLR digital camera. By Steve Abbett
  • This shot was taken Dec. 20 2008 --note was left by someone on a tiny little shoal/key just south of Round Key in the 10,000 Islands--only accessible during high tide-- using Minolta DiMage Z20 36-290mm 
Funny thing is, there was a name and phone # on the other side! To me, this is what Florida is all about! By Valerie Maud
  • This picture of an unknown flower, was taken on Price street in Naples. It was shot using a Canon 20D on 1-14-09. By David Bosworth

Full gallery »November Photo Contest

  • Honorable Mention by Becky Beatty - Taken with Sony digital DSCH1. Thomasson and 41 at the intersection.
  • Honorable Mention:  Damaris Gonzalez - Taken with Olympus E-500. Naples fireworks.
  • 3rd place: Jon Kennedy - Taken with Canon Digital SLR, EOS Rebel Xti. Statue of Walt Disney at Disney World.
  • 2nd Place: Pat Sulouff -Taken with Nikon D80. Naples Airport.
  • 1st Place: Stephen Arey - Taken with Kodak cx4230. Naples skyline after a storm.

Full gallery »Collier Citizen Photo Contest: Silhouette

  • Becky Beatty, Lake Avalon back in 2002. Taken with Nikon E775.
  • Cailin Ervin, Taken with G9 PowerShot A650 IS
  • Carol Heitz, View from Autumn Woods development. Taken with Sony Cyber-shot.
  • Cheryl Davis, Loudermilk Park at about 8pm. Taken with Fuji FinePix 8.3 MP.
  • Damaris Gonzalez, Taken with Olympus E-500
  • Deanna Cleary, taken in Cape San Blas, FL.Taken with Nikon Coolpix L12.

Full gallery »Photo Contest: Abstract

  • Taken with Sony DS-CH1 camera. By Becky Beatty
  • Nawilliwilli Harbor on the Hawaiian Island of Kauai. By Gail Wilver
  • Mercato complex at the corner of Vanderbilt and U.S. 41. Taken with Nikon D-70 with an orange filter lens. By Kevin Wright
  • Tia Poklemba, right, with her sister Shayna.
  • Taken with Fuji Film FinePix S 5200. By Maraya Figueroa
  • Taken with a Nikon D80. By Mike Chodkowski

Full gallery »Collier Citizen Photo Contest: Black & White

  • Taken while on vacation in Hawaii. Taken with Nikon Coolpix. By Michelle Beilein
  • The night before Wilma struck SW Florida. Take with Canon EOS Rebel - 300D. By Nichole Antilla
  • By Adrian Rodriguez
  • Taken at Golden Gate Community Park. Taken with Canon REBEL XT. By Andres Castro.
  • Bird on a wire.Taken with Sony HandyCam HDR-CX7. By Becky Beatty
  • By Carolyn Antilla

This month’s theme, “Black & White,” drew more than 15 beautiful entries, proving what so many great photographers already know -- you don’t need color to create a quality photograph. Mark Farmer’s river scene from Rocky Mountain National Park took first place. For his efforts, he will receive a pair of tickets to the Naples Players production of “The Secret Garden,” valued at $60. Entries for our next photo contest, “Abstract,” will be accepted through Friday, Aug. 22. E-mail entries to and be sure to include your name, contact information and type of camera used.

Full gallery »Photo Contest: Movement

  • By Becky Beatty
  • Picture of ocean in Lima, Peru. By Cynthia Guarneri
  • By Dave Donaldson
  • By David C. Bosworth
  • By Don Santini
  • By Joe Sturm

Full gallery »Collier Citizen Photo Contest: Reflections

  • By Amanda Fogg
  • 'Smooth Sailing' was taken on Aug.7, 2006. Taken with Sony DSCH1. By Becky Beatty
  • 'Anhinga Drying Wings.'  Taken with Nikon D50 at Six Mile Cypress Slough in Lee County.  Fall of 2007. By Carol Haberkern
  • Picture of the war memorial at Cambier Park during the July 4th parade in 2007. Taken with Samsung s630. By Coy Johanning age 10
  • 'Reflective Energy' is the shot of the Energy pavilion at EPCOT with the mirror tiles reflecting the shrubs. By Darrin Brooks
  • By Donna Young

Full gallery »Collier Citizen Photo Contest: Motherhood

  • By Jennifer Brown
  • By Martha Paquin
  • By Dawn Dell
  • By Blanca Garcia
  • By Becky Beatty
  • Brand new Mom, Sara Walter and her baby girl Ava Raye Buis, born April 10, 2008. By Stacey De Stefano

Full gallery »Collier Citizen Photo Contest: Morning Glory

  • Byu Alex Kibria taken with Olympus E-510
  • By Sean Kibria taken with Olympus E-510
  • Becky Beatty taken with Nikon 775 cool pix.
  • By Christine Wheeler taken with Canon EOS Rebel
  • By Dorothy Kibria taken with Olympus E-510
  • By Fawn Kibria taken with Olympus E-510

Full gallery »'Green' Photo Contest

  • Honorable mention Taken with 7.2 Megapixel Sony Cybershot.
  • Honorable mention: Taken with Panasonic Lumix.
  • Honrable mention - Taken with Kodak EasyShare DX6490.
  • Honorable Mention: 'Ominous Entrance' Taken with Nikon D70 with 70-310 lens.
  • Honorable mention: 'Reading Green' Taken with Olympus SP-550UZ.
  • Honorable mention

This year’s ‘Green’ contest confused a few online readers with a theme very similar to last year’s ‘Got Green?’ contest. Linda Chello won with her photo of the Great Smoky Mountains. For her efforts she won a pair of tickets valued at $70 to the TheatreZone production of “Evita.” Second place went to Becky Beatty for “Smiling Frog.” All entries can be seen online at Our next contest, “Morning Glory,” runs through Mar. 21. Email photo, name, camera type and contact information to

Full gallery »Collier Citizen Photo Contest: My Valentine

  • Honorable mention by Adrian Rodriguez. Camera: 7.2 mega pixel, Sony Cybershot
  • Honorable mention: 'Barney' by Barb Lane
  • Honorable mention by Carol Haberkern. Camera: Kodak Easy Share DX4530
  • Third Place: Romantic Sunset. Kathleen Desrochers took this sunset photo at Vanderbilt Beach using an HP R 717, 6.2 Megapixel camera.
  • Second Place (tie): Lovers Watching the Sunset. Pat Sulouff shot this photo at Lovers Key State Park with a Nikon E995 at 1/125th sec.
  • Second Place (tie): Heavenly Entwined. Rick Shackleton says his daughter Jenny came up with the idea for this photo during a visit to Vanderbilt Beach. After a few rogue waves, he managed to capture her footprint inside his own.

Full gallery »Collier Citizen Photo Contest: By, in or on, The Sea

  • Honorable mention: 20,000 leagues above the sea by Anne Bessette
  • Honorable mention: By Becky Beatty
  • Honorable mention: Portofino on the Northwest Coast of Italy by Cara Lepore
  • Honorable mention: By D.V. Ries
  • Honorable mention: By Dave Donaldson
  • Honorable mention: 'The Baths', in Virgin Gorda, British Virgin Islands. By Gary A. Ralph

This month’s photo contest, “The Sea: On, In, By or Under,” brought in 17 entries. Adrian Rodriguez took first place for his black and white photograph of family members enjoys the sea breeze near the Naples Pier. For his efforts, Rodriquez will receive a pair of tickets, valued at $70, to TheatreZone’s production of “Leader of the Pack.” Second place went to Martha Paquin for her photo of a jogger on Naples beach, shot with a Sony 8 mpx digital camera, two years ago. Aline Halle-Gilbert took third place for her beach scene in Thailand, taken with a Kodak CX7330 zoom digital in February 2007. Honorable mention was awarded to Richard B. Lawry for his sunset at the Naples Pier, a favorite for local photographers. The deadline for this month’s photo contest, “My Valentine: What Makes Your Heart Go Pitter-Patter?” is Jan. 25. Please include name, address, type of camera and contact information with your entry. Photos are judged on quality, content and adherence to the contest theme. All entries from all of the Collier Citizen’s photo contests can be viewed online at

Full gallery »Holiday Honies

  • The winner of this months€™s photo contest, 'Holiday Honeys' was Vickie Brewer with her photo of her bunny, Cuddles, at Christmas in 2006. The photo was taken a HP 412 digital camera.
  • Second place photo by Adrian Rodriguez. Camera: Kodak easyshare dx6490.
  • Third place photo by Malliary
  • Honorable mention. 'Holiday Kisses' by Sara Robinson. Camera: Canon PowerShot SD630

The winner of this month’s photo contest, “Holiday Honeys” was Vickie Brewer with her photo of her bunny, Cuddles, at Christmas in 2006. The photo was taken a HP 412 digital camera. For her efforts, she will receive ...... Second place went to Adrian Rodriquez and ....... Malliary took third place. All entries can be seen online at Entries for the next contest, “By the Sea,” will be taken through Dec. 21. Include name and contact information and type of camera. Entries can be emailed to

Full gallery »Collier Citizen Photo Contest

  • First place: 'Girl in the Mirror' by Kelly Machado. Camera:  Polaroid t730.
  • Second place: 'Snake' by Nancy Vaine. Camera: Pentax K10D, f/6.7.
  • Third place: 'Crystal Spider Web'  By Anne Bessette. Camera: Casio Exislim 3.2.
  • Honorable mention: 'Shadows of Bone' by Rick Shackleton. Camera:  Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ50.
  • Honorable mention: 'Ghostly Gates' in St. Augustine. By Betty L. Saunders. Camera: Canon Rebel XTi.

Full gallery »Canine Capers

  • Honorable mention: 'Molly Mouse.' Camera: Kodak z740. Photo by Boyd & Denise Hebert
  • 'Puppy love.' Camera: Nikon Coolpix. Photo by Carol P. Torrisi
  • 'Nana.' Photo by Kylie Beeler age 12
  • 'Max.' Camera Sony digital. Photo by Bob Scallan
  • 'Laptop dog.' Camera: Casio Exilim. Photo by Brenda Stelzer

Contest went to the dogs... This month’s photo contest, “Canine Capers” drew 15 contestants. First place went to Bonnie Taylor for her entry of her Princess Leah, trying on outfits for Halloween. Second place went to Eric Kuhn’s shot of tiny Daunte’s first visit to the Dog Beach in Bonita. Third place went to Becky Beatty for her photo of Nipper’s unsuccessful attempt to hide after previous scoldings for digging holes in the back yard. For her efforts, Taylor will receive a pair of tickets to the Gulfshore Playhouse production of “Life (x) 3,” Oct. 18-27 at Cambier Park’s Norris Center in Naples. Our next contest, “Scary Stuff,” will run until Oct. 26. Entries can be emailed to name, contact numbers and type of camera.