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The lib/progressives have always blamed America first, everything they do is driven by that fact.

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Hope and Change Bud, I didn't think there were many left who could look back on the last 5 years and still have the nerve to rant about intelligence and facts. LOL.

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Well Eric, there is no question that abortion kills an innocent baby, the first thing we need to do is get taxpayers money out of the abortion business.
Roe v Wade was the biggest mistake we ever made and if we don't starve the beast then we have innocent blood on our hands as much as any abortionist, please go to a dot gov site and sign the petition.

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Have a nice day in that alternative universe Marlene.

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Would you say the same thing to about the families of the thousands of Americans who died on September 11, 2001 while President Bush and his buddies were looking the other way (in spite of a mountain of evidence and warning of impending attacks)? No, of course you wouldn't. Partisan extremists never do.

And brain dead anti-Americans looked the other way when BJ Clinton got 4 warnings about Bin Ladin planning an attack before Bush was even elected. BJ kicked that can down the road like every other leftist in government does so they can blame the next guy.
You people are freakishly uninformed.

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The Clintons: The pride of the Democratic Party!! The Obama's: The Class of the Democratic Party!!

You're kidding right?

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There is no tee bagger candidate that can beat Hillary. That's the real telling part of politics right now. The GOP is done. It'll be three loses in a row after 2016. If you think the GOP had a meltdown after Mitt Robbedme's loss just you wait till the next stiff in a suit loses to Hillary. It'll be utter hilarity to watch the "soul searching" going on within the GOP. I can't wait.

I can't wait until the leftists in this country implode from the weight of their own stupidity, like always.

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That "myth" --as you like to stereotype people into a set of common beliefs--if there ever were such a myth has been completely dispelled by the performance of the stock market since Obama became President. They have figured out which party's economic agenda works best FOR CAPITALISM, which of course flies directly in the face of the socialist/communist conspiracy promoters here.

Such hard times for the Fellowship of the Miserable

Printing counterfeit money is what has been propping up the stock market, there will be a bubble that will burst, just like the housing market.
Get a clue..

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Thank You for your service Mr. Savage God bless our military and their spouses who sacrifice so much to keep us safe.

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War involves a decision by an adult to fight and kill other adults with different beliefs, an innocent life in the womb has no choice.

All one has to do is look at the pictures of the mangled, bloody babies used as evidence in the Kermit Gosnell trial to see what "choice" meant for them, you won't have any doubts that we're at the bottom of the slippery slope.
The pictures are worth a thousand words and the least we can do as humen beings is not fund the barbarism with tax dollars.
If killing babies is so important to choice, support it with private money donations, that will be the gauge to measure it's worth to society.

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Culvers Butter Burgers are mmm good.

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America needs to see the pictures of the carnage Dr. Kermit Gosnell left in his wake after his abortion clinic was exposed for killing near full term babies and patients.
He did'nt use a gun to kill, he used "choice", the same "choice" as the nutty kid used, victims are victims no matter what is used to kill them.

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Just another despicable snub by Obama, we should be used to his transparency by now, if it doesn't make sense he'll be on it, doing the right thing in the name of America? Don't be silly.

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Lets see if the domestic terrorist gets the same treatment as Tim McVeigh, or will we have a different set of PC rules for a Muslim.

Yesterday a coddeled illegal alien was allowed to have her voice heard by our government, I doubt they will allow an American to be heard, not PC you know.

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In the alternative universe where the leftists reside, political correctness has replaced the truth.
We the people are not privey to what our government does in our name anymore because as the saying goes, a nation of sheep have bred a government of wolves.

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Good luck to you and Carol Mr. Hoy, I enjoy your writing and will look for you in the LTTE.

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You mean they aren't "tuned in" like Breitbart, the Drudge Report and the other loons that spew right wing, radical, conservative garbage, right?

He said google it, you won't so go back to that hole and replace your head in it.

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Great letter Diane, I'm just getting back on my feet finacially and you will see me soon because I plan on volunteering and standing with you all at Planned Parenthood. I will look you up and introduce myself.
Kermit Gosnell and his trial will put the dirty little secret of PP front and center, people need to know what's entailed when they make ther "choice".

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The letter writer has to aware that some women do not want to give birth or be pregnant for nine months and no one has the right to force them to do so.

Tell that to the innocent who gets ripped from their hosts body, cut up and thrown on the trash heap, they need another option otherwise it's anything but a choice.

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You're right Greg, common sense should rule but there are too many who prefer to avoid the truth and instead muddy the waters with their idelogy of progressivism that is anything but common sense.
Lawyers and elite educators are trained to avoid common sense and they've entrenched themselves in our government.

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This is either just a big lie or you're rich.

You're the one who bought the big lie that Obama was going to save the little people from the evil rich by redistributing what he earned and deposit it into your bank account. It looks like Obama expanded the definition of who is the evil rich, 81 year old Navy veterens who have a $2100,00 a month pension.
Reality has a way of jumping up and biting you libs in the butt doesn't it?

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Your God comment is a hoot. If there was such a thing don't you think there would be no violence?

It's called good and evil, right and wrong, dark and light, in other words that's the way of the world.
Pick one that you want to represent and that's your answer to violence.

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Why, so the leftists can stalk them? What's your address?

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Yes to all of the above. Rubio is on his way to irrelevency along with the rest of the RINO's.
Hurry 2014.

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Go figure, for once once congress does the right thing, the right way, and the progressives don't recognize it as right.
And the 91% garbarge needs to be corrected, only 4% said gun control was important.
You leftists will never "infringe" on our right to bear arms, never.

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Whi listens to this blowhard except people with their hands out.

It is Obama's schizoid foreign policies that have made the USA so unsafe.

He hands over Afganistan to Al Qaeda.
He hands over Syria to Al Qaeda.
He hands Egypt to the Muslim Brotherhood
He actively places Hamas refugees in America
He holds Rhamadan cerimonies at the White House

He denigrates Christianity at ewvery opportunity.



Right you are, and look at all of the anti-American commie lite cheerleaders he has here in Naples, the same 5 usual suspects with muliple screen names.
Obama is what we get when we allow blatant voter fraud to continue. Chicago Machine politics and their tactics need to be taught in schools, we can't afford another generation of fools who want America to be like North Korea.

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I wished libs didn't count! LMAO

They don't.

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As a progressive (I hate the word liberal and all you guys think about it. I'm a fiscal conservative), I think I would rather have a gun if I was holed up in Watertown right now. A pump action 12 gauge with buck shot should work. Probably better than an AK with a 20 round clip. But then I'm thinking a locked door, a baseball bat and a phone should work pretty well too. Not for nothing but the way some of you right wing nuts talk, I wish I could take away your first and second amendment rights. Just tired of your rediculous insanity.

I'm tired of you anti-Americans spewing your wishes to shut up dissenting speach and unarm the American public, if that's how you feel, move to North Korea where you belong, litte Kim Jong agrees with you.

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"First, it was a Republican majority in both House and Senate while Clinton was in office. . ."

The republicans were in charge a couple of years, but Clinton had to fight tooth and nail for his budgets during his entire term while congress was busy worrying about BJs.

"Second, it was a Democrat majority in both House and Senate who voted for the two unfunded wars during George W. Bush’s time in office."

Completely and totally made up, unless I missed something and those wars didn't start until 2007.

You're either a liar which I suspect is the case, or you're uninformed, I heard Hillary and Kerry both get behind Bush for the first war. Yes I believe my own eyes and ears.
As far as Clinton, it was him who was worried about gettting his share of BJ's instead of doing his job, leftists hate to work and get their hands dirty, that's why you slimes are alway blaming the right, they're the ones who get things done.

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In the UK, people whose brains haven't been sucked out by charlatans call your source the "Daily Fail." Your letter perfectly fits that description.

Planned Parenthood said nothing of the sort. The Partial Birth Abortion Act of 2003 specifically prohibits the procedure to which you refer.

An intelligent, concerned citizen would have verified his facts before writing. I wish the Naples Daily News had done the same before publishing this hysterical fiction.

Like everything else Obama doesn't do, he voted present on partial birth abortion to satisfy Planned Parenthood, he's as cowardly as any abortionist that washes the blood off his hands.The empty suit is present.
You're not an intelligent anything, you're an accompliss to Obama's failures.

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The first thing I heard was that MSNBC, CNN and the usual suspects were already incinuating that it was some white right wing gun nut who may be part of the extremist tea party.
The leftys are losing it and it's not as entertaining as it used to be.

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You're right of course Scott, but the leftists only release their faux indignation when they need to blame Americans first in order to get some "right" removed that they don't agree with.
Someone in the comments here actually blamed the right for attacking Obama and Hillary over Benghazi instead of the killers. The killers were never brought to justice "so what difference would it have made".
Were living the lefts bizarro world and I have had enough.

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Thank you Mr.Smith, your letter is comforting. God bless us and Amen.

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"I am shocked and saddened, as we are all, by the senseless cruelty of the Boston bombings."

Only "senseless" to those who have substituted "faith" for common sense.

"As I search for a way to pray for and through this tragedy, it is not easy to find words with which I am comfortable."

Meanwhile, the bombers may have been praying the devices went off. Just as the 9/11 hijackers were sure they were going straight to heaven. The Catholic Church wasn't afraid to use terror to gain supremacy in Europe. Violence by church insiders continues to this day.

Where was your loving "God" when all this was going on? We need to let go of the absurd idea that there is any kind of supernatural ghost out there, and that belief in our flavor of ghost somehow entitles us to privileges denied others who don't share our beliefs.

Our invasion of Iraq destabilized that nation. The civil war still simmering there results in several bombings a month that kill more people than were injured in Boston. The U.S. routinely uses drone-launched missiles against countries with which we are not at war, extra-judicially executing alleged enemies and anyone else unfortunate enough to be within the killing range of a Hellfire missile. What's your priest have to say about that?

It isn't enough that so many Americans have created a "God" in their own image (interesting how "God" loves and hates the same things you do!), we act like "God" as well. We have the world's largest and largest-per-capita military budget. How do you reconcile that with bringing us closer to the day in which something like this will never happen again?

Since you probably clutch your Bible at times like this, check out Hosea 8:7. We've been sowing the wind for decades. On Monday we reaped the whirlwind.

Not everyone is a part of your "we", I could care less what you believe unless you kill multitudes with bombs for whatever grievence you have.
You can blame America for all the ills of the world, that is what you're clutching, as long as you keep it under wraps and don't act out your hate for America, there's no problem that can't be worked out at the ballot box in a free, fraudless election.

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I'm more worried when they have their hands on the printing press, counterfeit money is an illusion.

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It seems that there's alot of issues beyond the comprhension of the left, the concept of liberty escapes them unless it's for one of their pet causes.
Susan, by all means give the government all the data you want, I do not wish to give them anything that would allow them to interpret that data in the future to define my rights.
"A nation of sheep breeds a government of wolves" we've been warned.

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Mr. Dimond, it's becoming increasingly clear that you leftists have pretzels for brains. It's time that the left stop humiliating themselves by dragging out every left wing talking point heard on the propaganda so called networks. You could use a dose of Fox reality to wake you out of your stupor.

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Ms.Schnefel, the number is 4% not 90% of people who want gun control, no need to inflate the numbers to match your inflated egos.
The citizens have spoken and we won't allow the government to infringe on our rights.

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after reading the loony righties comments - I want a total ban on all fire arms..

in trouble - Try dialing 911 - that is what we are paying the police ungodly amounts of money for !

It looks like liberty trumped you wants, call 911 and complain to them.

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(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

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AND AGAIN, that republican led legislature of the state of Florida proves they sure can look busy
...accomplishing NOTHING.

Nothing? They're opening the orange bags of tiny baby parts that abortionists throw on the trash heap and exposing the filthy truth behind Planned Parenthoods murder for money enterprize.
Defund PP and expose the dirty secret that thay call choice.

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No input was allowed from law enforcement who actually patrol the border, lots of input from LaRaza, immigration lawyers, and any other special interest group that wants to ram this through without question.
This stinks to high heaven and must be stopped before it grows teeth.

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"Irregardless" isn't a word. Also, we have no idea when or how these two entered the country yet.

In the immortal words of one of the left's dear leaders "what difference does it make"?
They entererd and they destroyed lives, that's the difference.
God bless the FBI.

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"Real" is oxymoronic to "Republican".

And moronic is real to a socialist, it's what they are.

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What we see as extreme conservatism goes extinct is their beliefs fully unveiled. They are keepers of the final solution. Casualties don't count. Death caused by their guns is justified by their ends. Domination.

The great flush has begun. As their movement swirls in the bowl, their anger will grow. But, then, it will be gone and all that we'll be left with is their debt.

We see your belifs unveiled, the final solution was Hitlers, a socialist, ring a bell?
You know you're going down, you know Obama is a failure, and you know the debt exploded with his social justice scheme. The toilet is to good for you, somewhere with some heat fits what you deserve.

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Tell us about the rights of the 80+ people who are deprived of life by your hobby every day. They have no rights once your guns end their lives. The fact that you write their lives off every day as mere collateral damage from your hobby is the borttom line.

There is one piece of good news in all of this. The end of the republican party.

In a democracy republicans telling 90% of the electorate "screw you" is very expensive politics.

80 people is a drop in the bucket compared to the sacred cow hobby of the left. 50+ million babies slaughtered so you can have your "choice".
Are you following the Kermit Gosnell trial, check it out, you'll get to see the bodies of 18 inch long babies cut up and put into plastic bags and thrown in the garbage can with the other babies. Or maybe go have lunch in the lunch room of the government subsidized "clinic" and open the freezer, more cut up babies in bags stacked up like beef, or maybe stroll through the lab and view the trophys of tiny legs arms and feet floating in jars.
There's your bottom line you freak, you're a hypocrite of the highest order, a typical communist progressive and you don't know anything else.
There's an end coming, but it's your politics that will be destroyed.
Mere collateral damage, right.

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Sure--"liberals" want you to feel sorry for the killer. How twisted. How about all the ones who attack the President and Sec. of State for the Benghazi raid and never a word about THE KILLERS. You too maybe??

You don't want the president or sec.of "what difference does it make" attacked for Benghazi, but you have no idea who the killers are because they havent been caught. They're probably in Hawaii enjoying a Mai Tai waiting for Obama to retire.
You freaks are getting dumber by the day I swear.

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If you think that republican senators can get away with giving 90% of Americans the finger you well deserve your political fate.

Uh, there were some dems in there too, so give it up with the 90% BS, your delusional.
You just witnssed your political fate, the people who know we're a republic just showed you how government works and we won't stop there.

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A little off subject, but Obama just passed a bill that said information about insider trading by government would not be allowed to be presented online. How's that for the most transparent administration in history. You can still go through written records, but they don't want us to know how they get elected to serve us and then become millionares overnight.
Yep, we're in a communist takeover and it will be uncovered by those of us that care to stop it.