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'One on One' with Steve Donovan

'One on One' with Steve Donovan

Schoo board member talks about teachers pay ...

Published April 29, 2009

Does it make sense to send as many as 12 teachers to Singapore to improve math classroom skills at a time when teachers' pay and benefits are under fire? Is it fair to cut benefits to bus drivers and others while giving contract extensions to select administrators? Those issues and many more -- including his outlook for re-election with opposition from the teachers union, and whether it was worth all the trouble to fire Ray Baker and bring in Dennis Thompson as superintendent -- are addressed by Collier County School Board member Steve Donovan on this week's "One on One with Jeff Lytle" program which airs on Comcast Cable’s My TV8 Sunday at noon and is available here.

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Phaedrus (Inactive) writes:


bozosunlimited writes:

can you spell I-D-I-O-T????

Phaedrus (Inactive) writes:

Sorry, I couldn't help it.

Good job, Jeff. But ...

Services will not be cut? Tell that to parents of ESE and ELL students. Aids have already been cut. VE students (Varying Exceptionalities) will be put into regular classrooms. Totally inappropriate!

The Gifted Program? Basically gone!

Teachers will be expected to change their lesson plans to deal with these misplaced students. The education for all will suffer!

And that bit about Board members taking the same cut in insurance as the teachers? Come on! The Board serves as basically part-time employees. How much do you work, Steve? Four hours a month? Don't you already have better insurance from your other full-time gig anyway?

Does ANYONE support Donovan for another term, except his wife?

chincieone writes:

I just got through listening to Dovonan on his interview with Jeff lytle. Does he really think he will get voted back in? And this school trip he is in support of that Thompson has recommended if this is not a killer for his reelection than there is no hope for Naples. The biggest mistake they did was how fired Ray Baker and brought in Thompson in the first place. Now the collier county citizens have been stuck with the fall out.

If I used all the words I want to about this I would get booted of NDN. But two wrongs don't make a right.

This idea of teachers becoming trainers it would be a good idea if the teachers would be spending more time than just the summer. Plus how much is just 12 teachers going to benefit 50 schools. He himself said he could not get to all 50 schools in one year.

I don't get it they ask for more and more out of the teachers and take more and more from the teachers. My other thought is are they going to pay the teachers mileage because of the travel? What about the time spent in Singapore?

And as far as the Singapore trip is this a seminar or education? How much can someone learn from a seminar? And if this is so good why did not someone start teaching this in colleges so more of the teachers could further their education.

Well Donovan is a Thompson supporter so I should not expect him to do nothing but try and justify this trip even though I think he realizes this is a mistake. And if he does not realize it he will when it comes to reelection after he is voted out. All he has to do is look at the last election to see what with Linda Abbott's reelection and how pleased the voters were with her.

enob13 writes:

Donovan's Marine Corp High School Diploma really was apparent in this interview. How did this guy ever get elected in the first place? He is clueless and blindly supports Thompson. I don't believe he did nothing improper in the firing of Mr. Baker. The voters will remember as well!!

DonoTheLegend writes:

Listen i would love to see you try to live the life Mr. Donovan has. Do you think you can join the Marine Corps. and be a paramedic/firefighter and a school board member? All of you smart-pantses dont know what your talking about. He has been such a positive note for this community since day one he was elected. Thompson might now be moving slow but every decision that is made in the board office has to be at lease 3 to 2 votes. So why bash at one board member when two more have to agree? If the teachers volunteer themselves to go to Singapore and help than good job them. I leave for the Marine Corps. in August and i hope to follow in my fathers foot steps except join the school board because i wouldnt be able to stand all of you annoying people that just bring everyone down.

Semper Fi

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